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Find out how the SOMAmetrics Four Funnels System enables you to more predictably achieve your revenue goals.

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With a wide range of clients and broad industry experience, SOMAmetrics brings critical expertise and resources to help companies achieve predictable revenue growth, year after year.

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Why B2B Sales is no longer working

Overview A fundamental shift we see in Business-to-Business (B2B) sales is that prospecting and sales results seem to have turned for the worse. Lead conversion rates are lower; sales cycles are longer; and closing ratios are not what they used to be. We hear many Sales and Marketing executives complain that “solution selling” and other sales methodologies are no longer …

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Internal Assessments–The First Step towards Predictable Revenue Growth

Every CEO wants to achieve Predictable Revenue Growth. And the companies that are struggling with achieving their revenue targets are …

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The Game Changing Power of Predictable Revenue Growth

What is Predictable Revenue Growth When we have Predictable Revenue Growth, we can set our revenue targets each year and …

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Revenue Growth with Certainty: Predictable Revenue Model

The Revenue Growth Model A Predictable Revenue Model (PRM) enables a company to achieve 20% or more revenue growth year …

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Unleashing Untapped Revenue Potential for Sustained High Growth

What is Untapped Revenue Potential? Untapped Revenue Potential  (URP) exists in every company.  It is the difference between the revenues …

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The Front End to a viable Sales Funnel

The engine that drives a healthy, viable sales funnel is Teleprospecting. First, make sure that the Teleprospecting team has the …

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Deadly Sales Disease – Funnel Bloat

The Issue with Funnel Bloat   Many of the sales managers that I have worked with, at over 100 technology …

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Is Your Company Complacent?

Over the past 20 years, my main focus has been to turn around lack luster sales and marketing organizations. I …

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Teleprospecting at Christmas

This year Christmas is in the dead smack middle of the week and so is the New Year.  On Wednesday, …

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The Interview Shuffle

In this job market, when companies have open Teleprospecting positions (or any open positions, for that matter) they tend to …

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Keeping Your Team Motivated

A few weeks after school started this year, my daughter informed me that she was done with school.  She is …

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