Time To Get Cracking

All kinds of things that happened in the last few years require us to change the way we do business today. The way we interact with customers, is one of many things that changed. Is it bad? No. Is it wrong? No.

Sales and customer service is a business decision. Many companies that adopted the policy to have the client come to them are now seeing that the market and competition have eroded their sales. If the corporate culture sees growth as being too difficult to achieve, they see sales as one of the barriers to make positive change happen. Both examples are typically influenced by conflicting priorities, organization’s politics, lack of funding and lack of skills and competencies to effect positive change.

There are 5 Smart Moves these companies and others can make to positively impact their business, but they must act now:

1. Understand the relationships between existing sales processes and what is done by highly effective organizations.
2. Build upon the successes of the past and attempt to improve upon what was accomplished.
3. Consider organization issues including effective use of budgets, forecasts, sales data.
4. Commit to improving the skill-level of your workforce.
5. Shift an appropriate workload to others inside or external to your organization.

You need to be a company that is very much about fundamentals, especially in times of uncertainty. Companies that work on their fundamentals are much more resilient. They have the agility to take advantage of opportunities, reduce their operational costs and build and grow their organization.