Do your SDRs drive at least 70% of your new revenue growth?

Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics

SIP is the just-in-time coaching system for
SDRs that will
double their productivity in weeks to drive revenue growth.

Ramp up new SDRs in days rather than months.

Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics

If your team has one or more of the following problems:

  1. SDRs are missing their meeting quotas
  2. SDRs are setting meetings with the wrong people
  3. Your sales pipeline is too small to support your revenue goals

Then, you need SIP—the SOMAmetrics Intelligent Prospecting system.

SDRs who use SIP are highly effective because they know exactly what to say to the right prospect to get the meeting.

SIP delivers just the right amount of industry, persona, and competitor insights in addition to a compelling call guide, to turn even your most junior SDRs into seasoned pros.

Don’t let your SDRs wing it—or drown them with information they can’t use.

Give them SIP and see their productivity rise immediately.

The Too Little Problem

SDRs typically don’t know enough to engage a sophisticated prospect towards booking a quality meeting.

They don’t really understand the prospect’s responsibilities, priorities, challenges, concerns, or how they are compensated.

Nor do SDRs get the the industry they call into — how companies in that industry make money, how that is impacted as customer needs change, or the costs and risks they grapple with.

They are making calls in the blind—and it shows in their poor results.

What they need is just-in-time coaching from SIP.

Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics

The Too Much Problem

Some companies address “the too little problem” by drowning SDRs in a tsunami of content they can’t use.

Product Marketing develops detailed information on the product, industry, and personas—then give their SDRs links to the share drives.

This is far too much information to go through at precisely the time they need it—in the moment of speaking with a prospect.

What your SDRs need is a single screen that gives them all the information they need to talk intelligently with their prospect and get the meeting.

What they need is just-in-time coaching from SIP.

Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics


Accelerate Onboarding and Ramp Up

for Your SDRs by


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Schedule a Demo

Let’s schedule a 15 min initial call and demo to see if SIP is the right tool for SDR team.


Your time: 2 min.


Fill out a Short Pre-demo Survey

As soon as you schedule a demo, you will receive a short survey. This will give us the background we need to customize the demo and make efficient use of your time.

Your time: 4 min.


Day of Demo Call

On the demo call, based on some of the answers you provided in the survey, we will present you with a custom demo and projects ROI analysis of how your team can benefit from SIP.

Your time: 15 min.


High ROI and Effectiveness

SIP delivers 144%+ increase in pipeline development within three months, paying for itself within that period and returning high ROI over the first year.

Rapid Time to Results

Designed and built by Sales Development veterans who understand what it takes to consistently achieve pipeline quota, SIP Delivers immediate results in days, not months.

Highly Flexible and Scalable

Whether you sell a single product or a dozen, sell to a single industry or to ten, SIP is both highly specific to each and easily scales to all to serve your entire product-market portfolio.

Wide Industry Expertise

We have deep experience in a wide range of industries including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Government, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing.

One Stop Shop

We offer a wide range of services to support your SDR teams including: Content Marketing, Sales Enablement, Revenue Operations support, and more. 

Flexible Engagement

No long term contracts. Buy as little as you need today, and buy more later as your need expands.

There is a science to consistently drive revenue growth.

Your prospects want to solve their problems. That is what they really care about.

If your SDRs can demonstrate that they truly understand their prospects’ problems and provide credible evidence of how your products can solve these problems, your SDRs will consistently book meetings and deliver quality pipeline.

Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics
Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics


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Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics

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Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics

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