Accelerate your growth by rethinking your Lead Generation Strategy

Improve the quality of your leads by just 25% and realize a 76.3% increase in sales.

SOMAmetrics is a revenue-focused B2B content marketing agency that delivers High Quality, Conversation-Ready Leads that convert faster and at a higher rate.


Today’s buyers are not the same as even 10 years ago. They have different expectations and preferences.

Increasing complexity, volatility, and uncertainty are the new realities we live in.

What buyers want is well researched, thought-provoking information on how to navigate through these complexities. 

What they are getting instead, is an avalanche of low value communication.

0 Billion
Emails sent each day
0 Billion
Text messages sent each day
0 Million
Robo-calls made each day


The job of marketing is to change minds—to give prospects a compelling reason to buy.

What changes minds is a powerful new idea backed by sufficient evidence that it will work. The two together create what we call decision-enabling content.

Anything else is noise that buyers try to block out.

What we Know

There are four factors that affect sales growth:

Pipeline Value

The quality leads in your pipeline

Average Deal Size

The average dollar amount of each sales opportunity

Conversion Speed

How fast you can close a deal

Conversion Rate

Your average closing ratio

What the Data Shows Us

The #1 factor that determines the rate of your sales growth is the quality of leads in your sales pipeline.

Improve the value of your pipeline, and you automatically improve all the other factors that depend on it.

It is by far the quality of leads—not the quantity—that determines the value of your pipeline.

Improve Quality of Leads by 25% and automatically increase annual sales by 73.6% without increasing sales reps, or even an increase in sales leads.

That's Where We Come In

SOMAmetrics is a revenue-focused content marketing agency that delivers High Quality Conversation-Ready Leads that convert faster and at a higher rate for the lowest marketing spend. To dramatically increase the value of your sales pipeline, Rethink how you generate leads:

Focus ONLY on the best prospects (industry, types of companies, Key personas).

Deeply research to understand their issues, concerns, pains, and what these pains cost them.

Develop a compelling value proposition with demonstrable ROI.

Back this claim with well-researched, decision enabling digital content that establishes you as a thought leader.

Reach and engage them how they want to be engaged, on the media of their choice.

This is the future of B2B Marketing & Sales.

To earn the right to continue to engage, you must add value at every touch. To add value, you must truly know your prospects and their world.


High ROI and Effectiveness

We fulfill over 90% of the marketing needs growing B2B companies have for less than 50% of what it would cost them to fulfill in house

Rapid Time to Results

With all our experience working with over a hundred companies, we learn fast and begin delivering results by the 6th week of our engagement—half the time it takes internal resources to reach the same effectiveness level.

Highly Flexible and Scalable

You can use us to launch a new product, target a very specific market or two, for ABM, for ongoing marketing support or for a one-time project, or any other way you wish. And, you can add or remove services anytime you want.

Wide Industry Expertise

We have deep experience in a wide range of industries including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Government, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing.

One Stop Shop

We offer a wide range of marketing services including: Content Marketing, Sales Enablement, Web design, SEO/SEM, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Flexible Engagement

All our agreements are month to month with just 15 day’s notice to terminate if needed. We rely on our exceptional service and value to keep our customers, not long-term contracts.

There is a science to generating high quality, Conversation-Ready Leads.

Your prospects want to solve their problems. That is what they really care about.
If you can demonstrate that you truly understand their problems and provide credible evidence of how you can solve these problems, you will win their trust—and eventually their business. Content Marketing is how you get that done.


Sales Optimization

Increase your Sales effectiveness by more than 25% in 60 days. SOMAmetrics has developed a proven 5-step process for rapidly improving B2B sales performance

Digital Content Development

Develop compelling, decision-enabling content that drives sales growth.

SOMAmetrics helps clients drive sales growth through decision enabling content developed through a scientific process.

High Quality Lead Generation

Develop conversation-ready leads that close faster and at a higher rate to drive High Growth.

SOMAmetrics helps clients drive sales growth through content-driven digital marketing campaigns that produce high quality, conversation-ready sales leads.

Sales & Marketing Operations

High Growth depends on Intelligent Sales & Marketing Operations—data that drives the next action that leads to the best result.

Sales & Marketing automation tools such as Salesforce and HubSpot are only as good as how well you configure, optimize, and maintain them.

Industries We Serve

Our Technology Stack

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How 14 demos were booked in the first 3 weeks of an ABM campaign, with 2 deals closed in the first 60 days.

Bringing sales practices, metrics & KPIs, and sales training brought immediate increases in sales performance.

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Revenue-focused marketing that delivers sales growth at the lowest marketing spend.


How to create decision-enabling content that converts and feeds your sales team with Conversation Ready Leads.

The solution is not more outbound calls and emails, but smarter marketing that works.