Drive Predictable Revenue Growth by fixing the quality of your sales pipeline

SIP is an Intelligent Prospecting solution that increases prospect connect rates, leading to more qualified appointments, resulting in more discovery calls that convert into sales pipeline.

SDRs and inside sales reps who use SIP can expect to see a 50% improvement in their sales pipeline within 90 days.

Sales pipeline development suffers from three main challenges:

  1. New or junior SDRs that take 2-3 months to fully ramp up
  2. SDRs that struggle to perform even after they are fully ramped
  3. High SDR turnover rates that force you into continuous ramp up mode

You may have one or all of these challenges, which put you at risk of missing your revenue targets.

But what if you could:

  • Reduce ramp up of new / junior SDRs from 2-3 months to just 2 weeks or less.
  • Increase the performance of your bottom SDRs by at least 50% in less than 90 days.
  • Reduce your SDR turnover rate by half.

You can do all this by changing how your SDRs work—by giving them a tool that rapidly elevates their game, work effectively, and build high quality sales pipeline that drives Predictable Revenue Growth.

Anatomy of a Healthy Revenue Chain

  • High-value outreach effort
  • Leads to more conversations
  • Convert into booked meetings

Which end up on the sales pipeline to drive Predictable Revenue Growth!

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The Right Sales Development Process

To consistently build high quality Sales Pipeline for your Sales Team, Sales Development teams must improve on four critical metrics (what we call inflection points):

  • Connect rates: it takes on average about 14 tries before an SDR can connect with a prospect. With the right best practices, this should drop to about 9-10 attempts.
  • Meeting conversion rates: the average connect to meeting rates is around 30%. With the right best practices, this should increase to 40%+.
  • Meeting attendance rates: currently the average meeting attendance rate is about 70%—the rest either don’t show up, cancel, or reschedule. With the right best practices, this should increase to 90%+.
  • Meeting quality rates: less than 60% of meetings turn into sales pipeline (accepted by sales execs). With the right best practices, this should be over 80%.

If you improve on all four metrics, you should see at least a 50% increase in sales pipeline within 90 days—just by changing how your existing SDRs work.

Introducing Sales Development 2.0

The key to consistently developing high quality sales pipeline is to give Prospects reasons to lower their guard and allow your SDRs to reach them—which can only happen if Prospects view your SDRs as a helpful resource rather than a nuisance.

Every email your SDRs send and every voice mail they leave must bring new, relevant, and compelling information to the Prospect.

And while your best SDRs are already doing that, the rest haven’t figured out how, and struggle to make their numbers.

But, they don’t need to.

SIP has all the best practices, the highly researched industry and persona briefs, and the compelling emails and voicemails that your SDRs need to engage prospects into accepting a call.

And once on a call, SIP provides an industry-and-role-specific Call Navigator that guides even your most junior SDRs to conduct an expert level conversation with any high-level decision maker and book a qualified meeting.

Begin driving Predictable Revenue Growth with SIP!

Wanna Double Your Sales Pipeline?

If you want to double your sales pipeline, you can hire more SDRs and double your cost…or give them SIP so they are more effective and double their productivity.

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Accelerate Onboarding and

Ramp Up time for your SDRs:

4.4x faster

Increase Qualified Meetings by




Schedule a Demo

Let’s schedule a 15 min initial call and demo to see if SIP is the right tool for SDR team.


Your time: 2 min.


Fill out a Short Pre-demo Survey

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Day of Demo Call

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Your time: 15 min.

Ae Your SDRs Crushing Their Numbers?

No? Give them SIP — the Just-in-time coaching system for SDRs.

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High ROI and Effectiveness

SIP delivers 144%+ increase in pipeline development within three months, paying for itself within that period and returning high ROI over the first year.

Rapid Time to Results

Designed and built by Sales Development veterans who understand what it takes to consistently achieve pipeline quota, SIP Delivers immediate results in days, not months.

Highly Flexible and Scalable

Whether you sell a single product or a dozen, sell to a single industry or to ten, SIP is both highly specific to each and easily scales to all to serve your entire product-market portfolio.

Wide Industry Expertise

We have deep experience in a wide range of industries including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Government, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing.

One Stop Shop

We offer a wide range of services to support your SDR teams including: Content Marketing, Sales Enablement, Revenue Operations support, and more. 

Flexible Engagement

No long term contracts. Buy as little as you need today, and buy more later as your need expands.

There is a science to consistently drive revenue growth.

Your prospects want to solve their problems. That is what they really care about.

If your SDRs can demonstrate that they truly understand their prospects’ problems and provide credible evidence of how your products can solve these problems, your SDRs will consistently book meetings and deliver quality pipeline.

Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics
Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics


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Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics

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Drive Revenue Growth by SOMAmetrics

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