Today’s leading companies win twice as many new customers and grow 3 times faster.

B2B buying has changed. It is no longer Sales, but Marketing that drives it and the reason is simple. Today’s digital buyers prefer to research and select vendors. Here is how to get on their short list.

SOMAmetrics provides highly experienced Sales Development professionals, with at least 5-7 years of field or inside sales experience to call, qualify, and set appointments for our clients.

SOMAmetrics helps clients design, implement, and manage highly effective Inside Sales organizations that can generate 50% or more of a company’s new sales.

If you have not fully optimized your or are not fully using its capabilities, then you are not getting your money’s worth out of it. Let’s take a look and show you how you can vastly improve your ROI on your current implementation.


The Hidden Numbers That Drive B2B Sales Growth in the Digital Age

Three Operational Excellence Areas That CEOs and Sales Execs Must Understand to Consistently Win New Business in the Age of the Digital Decision Maker

The Future of B2B Selling: Content-Driven, Account-Based Marketing

Three Operational Excellence B2B Sales have changed, forever. What happened, and why?

SOMAmetrics has exceeded my expectations.

Vaseem Anjum, Founder/CEO

We have had great success with SOMAmetrics to the point where we keep going back to them on a regular basis for additional help.

Alan Brisbane, Chief Operating Officer

Alicia Assefa is the most effective Sales Leader I have ever worked with.

Michael Praeger, Founder/CEO

Case Studies

From Startup to 4 Demos a week in 6 Months

The power of Targeted Marketing and Business Development Campaigns.​

Distribution around the world

60 Day ABM Success Story resulting in 278% ROI

This ABM Success story resulted in 14 demos were booked in the first three weeks of the campaign with C-suite leads that came directly from the campaign and two deals from new leads were closed within the first 60 days.

Thought Leadership and Partnership

Targeted Marketing: 792% ROI in 120 days

The dramatic impact of a targeted campaign on new business acquisition

Account Based Marketing

How a small third-party software vendor become central to the IT strategy of some of the leading Global Financial Service firms.

Instant messaging text boxes

Interim Sales Leadership Services

Bringing Sales Best Practices to improve Sales Effectiveness and Productivity

Demand Generation & Digital Content Development

How a company implemented its goal of becoming a leading provider to the Medical Device Makers sector of the Healthcare industry.


Validate the Effectiveness of your Value Proposition.

When your company’s messaging is not clear or compelling, it is difficult for your customers to find you and see you as a solution. Validate that your value proposition is powerful and compelling with a FREE Value Prop Analysis. 



Group of friendly business men and women shaking hands with no friction

The Role of Accountable Leadership in Defining a High-Performance Culture

Management often makes the mistake of measuring the performance of individuals based on the belief that strong personal performance leads to strong corporate performance. This is true only when management understands all the dynamics in the organization that lead to successful business outcomes, and when the business environment is stable. However, even the most casual

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Account based marketing graph

The Right Measures of Accountability Matter

Traditionally, employees are taught that if they designed a tight system and measured everything that could be measured, they would have a tight ship. If everyone did everything they were supposed to do and did it well, they were assured of success. Well, now we know that doesn’t work. In fact, it’s a prescription for

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Five Factors Affecting Revenue Growth

A study by Bain and Company shows an alarming trend: the cost of sales and marketing is growing faster than revenues. Half of the companies surveyed experienced their sales and marketing costs rising faster than revenues. Ironically, when companies achieved high growth, their costs of sales and marketing, as a percentage of sales, remained flat

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