Drive revenue growth by fixing your sales pipeline

The #1 factor that drives your revenue growth is your pipeline quality.

Double the performance of your SDR Team in 6 months to rapidly grow your sales pipeline.

Only 48% of SDRs meet their pipeline quota. And that means  your entire Sales organization that relies on them is also underperforming.

If you are experiencing one or more of the problems listed below, we can help.

  1. Your SDRs are not setting up enough appointments for your sales team
  2. Your SDRs are not setting appointments with the right people
  3. Too many appointments are getting cancelled prior to the meeting
  4. Your sales pipeline is not growing at the expected rate

SOMAmetrics helps clients drive revenue growth by doubling the effectiveness of their SDR teams  within 6 months to build the right size and quality of pipeline they need.


Customer acquisition costs have jumped by 60% of what they used to be just a few years ago. Today, buyers are more sophisticated and more elusive than ever before.

Without a deep understanding of your buyers—their pains, goals, and priorities— all messaging is SPAM that they will block out immediately.

0 Billion
Emails sent each day
0 Billion
Text messages sent each day
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Robo-calls made each day

If your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are struggling to meet their pipeline quotas, it could be due to one or more of the following:

  1. They don’t know how to prospect at a high level  (talk to senior decision makers)
  2. They don’t know enough about the industry or segment they are calling into and their messaging is too generic
  3. They don’t have enough domain expertise to see how their product can change key metrics for the prospect they are talking to.

As a result, they can’t reach the right people, and when they do, they struggle to book a meeting. Even when they book a meeting, between 30-40% of meetings are canceled because prospects don’t see enough value in keeping them.

Low SDR effectiveness results in low sales productivity, and in missed revenue targets.

Hiring more SDRs without fixing these problems only increases the cost with little improvement on the revenue side.

THE SOLUTION - Optimize SDR Performance to Drive Revenue Growth

Fortunately, these are problems that can be quickly fixed.  What your SDRs need is advanced support to perform at a much higher level.

The Transformational services that Drive Revenue Growth

Industry Segment Brief

Provide your SDRs with well-researched briefs on the segments they will be calling on so they can carry knowledgeable and value-add conversations with prospects

Situational Fluency

Train SDRs on the business impact of your products so they can carry business (not feature) level conversations with senior execs

Advanced SDR Training

Train your SDRs to prospect at C-level so they know how to engage and uncover pain so their prospects want to have a meeting with your reps

Engagement Tools & Content

Provide them with the expertly written emails and content that engage prospects and lead them to agree to and keep appointments with your reps

SDR Process Best Practices

Build-in best practices and processes for managing the leads in the SDR pipelines and increase lead velocity

Metrics & KPIs

Define, build-in, and manage metrics and KPIs that provide the necessary performance feedback to each SDR so they continually improve their performances

Systems & Tools Setup

Setup and optimize the tools your SDRs use (such as Salesforce, Outreach, Linked Sales Navigator or similar) to increase their efficiencies and productivities.

High Performance Team Lead Coaching

Provide high performance coaching to the SDR Managers and team leads so they can continue to improve their team's performance

Your Tiered SDR Setup

It is likely that you have setup your SDRs in tiers:

  • Business Development Reps (BDRs) who take in Inbound calls and form-fills to qualify and set appointments. 
  • Junior SDRs that receive leads from marketing on which they need to follow up, qualify, and schedule appointments.
  • Senior SDRs who are calling into assigned accounts that they first need to research and call to support their Account Executives who have been assigned to those accounts

The eight-piece SDR Support Package discussed above works just as effectively  for all three tiers. What changes is the level of support each tier receives. For example, senior SDRs that are assigned to specific accounts receive complete briefs on their assigned accounts enabling them to run a full ABM campaign on those targeted accounts. This is a game changer.

Unmatchable SDR Performance You Can Expect

As a result of the above support, you should see at least a doubling of performance within the first 6 months.


increase in performance in 4-6 months

The SDR performance improvement results in at least a 50% increase in Sales Pipeline in 4-6 months.


Increase in Sales Pipeline  in 6 months


Here is a low risk approach for you to determine if this is the right program for your SDR Team.


Let’s schedule a call to discuss your growth targets, where you are today, and what you have tried so far to fix the issue.


Let’s conduct a quick assessment of your teams, systems, and processes to identify gaps and bottlenecks and make recommendations to remove these.


Let’s work with you to immediately implement the recommended steps to improve your pipeline growth, enabling you to consistently achieve your revenue targets.


High ROI and Effectiveness

We fulfill over 90% of the marketing needs growing B2B companies have for less than 50% of what it would cost them to fulfill in house

Rapid Time to Results

With all our experience working with over a hundred companies, we learn fast and begin delivering results by the 6th week of our engagement—half the time it takes internal resources to reach the same effectiveness level.

Highly Flexible and Scalable

You can use us to launch a new product, target a very specific market or two, for ABM, for ongoing marketing support or for a one-time project, or any other way you wish. And, you can add or remove services anytime you want.

Wide Industry Expertise

We have deep experience in a wide range of industries including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Government, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing.

One Stop Shop

We offer a wide range of marketing services including: Content Marketing, Sales Enablement, Web Design, SEO/SEM, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Flexible Engagement

All our agreements are month to month with just 15 day’s notice to terminate if needed. We rely on our exceptional service and value to keep our customers, not long-term contracts.

There is a science to generating high quality, Conversation-Ready Leads.

Your prospects want to solve their problems. That is what they really care about.
If you can demonstrate that you truly understand their problems and provide credible evidence of how you can solve these problems, you will win their trust—and eventually their business. Content Marketing is how you get that done.


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