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60 day abm success story resulting in 278% roi

How 14 demos were booked in the first 3 weeks of an ABM campaign, with 2 deals closed in the first 60 days.

White papers downloaded
Demos books
New deals closed
ROI in the first 60 days


*The name of the company has been kept anonymous at their request*

The Client provided tools for CEOs of mid-market companies to help them consistently achieve their growth priorities such as new product launches, new market entries, hiring top executives and more.

While the Client consistently won business that came from referrals and its own network, it had little success generating business from any outbound campaign.

The client determined that in order to grow at a predictable rate, they must become very effective at marketing to C-level decision makers.


The Founder told us that they needed a way to target Private Equity funded mid-market companies as the CEOs of such companies were under great pressure to perform and achieve planned targets.

And, while the company was generating thousands of inbound leads through its landing pages, these leads went nowhere. The leads that came in were too low level since they were primarily downloading “how-to” type of content, while the company’s targeted audience was clearly the C-suite: CEOs, COOs, CFO, and Chiefs of Strategy.

At the center of the issue was their messaging. CEOs continually were telling them they already had a project management tool and to talk to their Project Management team. The Client was battling this positioning problem of not being confused with a project management software, rather than articulating what they were.

And while referrals gave them the time to do a demo and thereby show why their solution was different, they had no way of articulating the value of their solution to generate quality leads from their outbound campaigns.

Until the Client found a way to make its outbound campaigns successful at generating the quality and quantity of leads they needed, they were certain that they could not meet their revenue goals of growing 50% each year.


We applied our proven 4-step process to significantly improve their lead generation and conversion capability.

1.  Identify the Right Group

Working with the client, we decided that the best target for them would be Private Equity backed mid-market companies as the CEOs of these companies would be under tremendous pressure to perform. 

2.  Develop a compelling value proposition

We decided the best way to understand the unique value proposition of the product was to hear about it from their customers.

After watching a number of testimonial videos and reading what their customers said about them, it became clear to us that what they provided was an Intelligent Work Platform that enabled CEOs to get all of their employees in every department to work as one team

3.  Back the value prop with well-researched Digital Content

From this message, we created a white paper showing the challenges that mid-market CEOs face, the solution, and how our Client’s product automates the ability for a CEO to see where the bottlenecks were in order for them to move quickly to change course so that all the company’s core objectives are achieved.

We then developed videos, case studies, blogs and a nurture email campaign targeting CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and Chief Strategy Officers of PE backed mid-market companies.


From there, we designed and executed highly targeted email campaigns targeting CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and Chief Strategy Officers of these mid-market companies.


Of about 3,119 emails that were delivered, there were 117 downloads of the white paper. This in itself was significant because nearly half of those that opened the email downloaded the white paper.

Fourteen demos were booked in the first three weeks of the campaign with C-suite leads that came directly from the campaign.

The Client closed two deals from the campaign within the first 60 days, both coming from leads generated by the campaign.

White papers downloaded
Demos books
New deals closed
ROI in the first 60 days