About us

SOMAmetrics is a revenue focused digital content marketing agency that delivers conversation-ready, high quality sales leads through a unique blend of digital advertising and content marketing—driving rapid sales growth at the lowest marketing spend.

With our no-hassle, no-commitments Creative Content River subscription, clients can feed their growth marketing engines with world class creative content at a price that easily fits their marketing budget.

We strive to be the most empowering creative content company, delivering to our clients’ customers the information they need to confidently make a decision to move forward. 

We are deeply committed to the Principle of SOMA, “Sales Optimization through Marketing”—the belief that the role of Marketing is to accelerate Sales by winning prospective buyers’ confidence and trust with thought leadership and integrity.

About us

SOMAmetrics is a revenue-focused marketing agency, delivering high quality leads that close faster and at a higher rate. Our proven process identifies the best targets, defines the most compelling messaging, and runs highly targeted, digital campaigns—for about 35% of what it costs clients to do internally

SOMAmetrics has worked with nearly a hundred clients—from startups to Fortune 500 companies— spanning a number of industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Local  Government Agencies, Data Centers, Manufacturing, and Transportation & Logistics.

Our experience enables us to learn our clients selling environment quickly and deliver world class digital marketing and lead generation services faster and cheaper than what it costs our clients to do in house.

We obtain superior results because we are deeply committed to the Principle of SOMA, “Sales Optimization and Marketing Accountability”—the belief that the only purpose of marketing is to deliver leads that close faster, at a higher rate, and for larger deal sizes.

Meet the Team

Alicia Assefa

COO & Co-Founder

Eskinder Assefa

CEO & Co-Founder​

Frances Yang


Linh Le

Social Media Analyst

Mandy Zhang

Data/SEO Analyst

Neha Shah


Taylor Targioni


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