intelligent sales data to grow sales

Use Intelligent Sales Data to Grow Sales

In today’s world, data is a vital element of any successful sales team—but B2B businesses should be smart about the metrics they track. Keep in mind, the goal of collecting sales data is to grow sales. It’s easy to get carried away collecting too much information, which can overwhelm a sales team. Overloading people with

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Best Practices in B2B Email Marketing

By implementing best practices in B2B email marketing, marketers can establish trust with senior executives and increase email engagement. What Do Senior Executives Look For in B2B Marketing Emails? The main goal of B2B email marketing is to reach senior executives and establish credibility with them—but this is easier said than done. When it comes

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Align sales and marketing for high growth

Align Sales and Marketing for High Growth

In the new B2B sales paradigm, marketing and sales must be numerically aligned to facilitate a high revenue growth rate.  Too often, marketing strategies are implemented without defining the specific revenue goals they aim to achieve. Valuable time, energy, and resources are wasted when marketing is not aligned with sales—in fact, 60% of respondents to

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B2B buyers digital sales 2021

B2B Buyers Expect Seamless Digital Sales in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures, traditional face-to-face sales have come to a temporary halt. B2B buyers and sellers alike are now forced to use digital routes instead.  B2B Buyers and Sellers Prefer the New Digital Reality What was originally a crisis response has now become the new normal, with many

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effective email marketing strategy

Effective Email Marketing Strategy to Reach Senior Executives

With well-researched, highly-relevant, and concise emails, B2B marketers can build an effective email marketing strategy that reaches senior executives. The Senior Executive’s Dilemma  Reaching key executives is a top priority for B2B marketers—and email marketing is the best way to do this. Email engagement increased 78% over the past year, and the ROI of email

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choose the right market focus for revenue growth

Choose the Right Market Focus for Revenue Growth

Choose the Right Market Focus for Revenue Growth For a B2B company seeking to increase its revenue, the first step is choosing the right market. Market focus is the single most important factor impacting revenue growth. There has been a shift in expectations for B2B marketing departments in recent years. Today, nearly 70% of CEOs

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Managing an Inside Sales Team During COVID-19

You have an inside sales team who is now working in a distributed manner, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many companies have employees who work from home, very few have a fully distributed inside sales organization. The question is how to manage a distributed team and ensure success during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Across the

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Sales Productivity In the Digital Era

The increasingly blurred line between B2B and B2C has inevitably changed the nature of sales, with customers demanding a more personalized selling process. Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” report recently found that 58% of consumers and 77% of B2B buyers believe technology has changed their expectation of how companies should interact with them. As

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Five Factors Affecting Revenue Growth

A study by Bain and Company shows an alarming trend: the cost of sales and marketing is growing faster than revenues. Half of the companies surveyed experienced their sales and marketing costs rising faster than revenues. Ironically, when companies achieved high revenue growth, their costs of sales and marketing, as a percentage of sales, remained

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The Cumulative Impact of High and Low Quality Leads

The B2B industry is infamously known for its time-consuming sales cycle. While B2B sales are challenged by more decision-makers than B2C, they are also impacted by varying-quality leads that make the process even more unpredictable.  A sales person is only as good as his or her leads. When sales reps receive poor leads, the total

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increase high quality leads to grow sales and profits

Impact of High Quality Leads on Sales and Profits

High Quality Leads close faster, at a higher rate, and at a larger average deal size than do leads of lower quality. That much is obvious. What is not obvious is the dramatic change in sales  and profit growth that can result from relatively small improvements in each of these metrics. What makes High Quality

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