I am the...

Channel Marketing Manager

Channel Marketing Manager

I am the...


My Question Is...

How do I run effective channel marketing programs that drive sales growth through these channels?

The Strategic Solution Is...

Become your company’s marketing department for your channels, providing them with powerful selling propositions, product training, and high-quality leads to drive product sales through these channels.

The Implementation Path Looks Like...

Utilize your channel partners as subject matter experts on their end customers and acquire these customer insights and knowledge.

Use this knowledge to develop highly targeted decision-enabling content that is designed to drive these prospects faster through the buyer’s journey.

Run targeted marketing campaigns to generate leads and send to partners, rewarding the best ones with the best leads.

Key Challenges Are...

You have to wait in line to receive the marketing content you need and often have to develop your own.

You have limited capacity to run campaigns and generate quality leads.

How to Use Us:

Arrange interviews with your channel’s sales reps so we can quickly learn about their prospects. We will augment that with our own research to develop a deep understanding of each persona.

Let us be your source of fresh, relevant, high-quality content—as much as you need, whenever you need. Let us write your blogs, white papers, case studies, infographics, solution papers, data sheets, and more. No more waiting. No more delays.

Let us run targeted campaigns for you so you can generate high-quality leads you can provide for your channel members.

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FAQs We Can Help You Answer

  Common issues and challenges we help with:

• How do I best support our channel members so they can sell more of our products?

• My channels are experts on their customers and I am the expert on our products. How do I obtain their expertise on the customer base and then transfer powerful product positioning so they can more effectively sell our products?

• How do I leverage the small budget I have to maximize the effectiveness of my channel marketing programs?

• How do I identify the right partners for me, and how do I manage them most effectively?



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I am...

The CEO of a B2B Company

My Question is

How can I get more leverage out of the resources we already have so I can grow revenues faster than costs, increase profits and valuation? Where should I invest limited resources so we can see higher returns than we currently do?

The Strategic Solution is

Relentless focus on defining and validating your competitiveness, value proposition, and growth strategy. Invest in your key differentiators only and delegate all non-core functions to trusted partners, using department heads to closely manage relationships.

The Implementation Path Looks Like


Using regular sales assessment efforts to:

• Analyze where sales are coming from, why customers are buying, and why they are lost to help us refine our growth strategy.

• Identify gaps and hurdles in sales and remove these.
• Uncover untapped opportunities that are left on the table that can enhance our growth strategy.

Implementing a Four Quadrants sales growth strategy to increase sales in all four quadrants.

Utilizing a Four Funnel framework to do a Funnel Math and determine the marketing and lead generation effort necessary to hit sales targets from new business.

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FAQS We Can Help You Answer

  Common issues and challenges we help with:

• How can I determine if we have set the right growth rate?
• How can I be certain that we have explored all growth opportunities adequately?
• Is our growth strategy adequate to meet our growth rate?
• Is our value proposition as effective as we think?
• Are we implementing our growth strategy effectively?
• Do we have metrics and KPIs in place to ensure we are consistently hitting our targets?
• Are we gathering the data we need to accurately know this?
• Do we have the reports and dashboards we need to effectively manage our business and our growth?
• Do we have the automations in place to accelerate our growth and ensure our execution is flawless?