Company Leadership

My Question Is...

How can I get more leverage out of the resources we already have so I can grow revenues faster than costs, increase profits and valuation? Where should I invest limited resources so we can see higher returns than we currently do?

The Strategic Solution Is...

Relentless focus on defining and validating your competitiveness, value proposition, and growth strategy. Invest in your key differentiators only and delegate all non-core functions to trusted partners, using department heads to closely manage relationships.

The Implementation Path Looks Like...

Using regular sales assessment efforts to:

Implementing a Four Quadrants sales growth strategy to increase sales in all four quadrants.

Utilizing a Four Funnel framework to do a Funnel Math and determine the marketing and lead generation effort necessary to hit sales targets from new business.

How to use us

A first step might be to engage us to a quick but thorough assessment of your sales and marketing capacity and identify bottlenecks, gaps, and hurdles that may be slowing your growth rate. We can typically identify opportunities where you improve your sales performance by at least 25% within 60 days and turbocharge your growth strategy.

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FAQs We Can Help You Answer

Common issues and challenges we help with:

• How can I determine if we have set the right growth rate?

• How can I be certain that we have explored all growth opportunities adequately?

• Is our growth strategy adequate to meet our growth rate?

• Is our value proposition as effective as we think?

• Are we implementing our growth strategy effectively?

• Do we have metrics and KPIs in place to ensure we are consistently hitting our targets?

• Are we gathering the data we need to accurately know this?

• Do we have the reports and dashboards we need to effectively manage our business and our growth?

• Do we have the automations in place to accelerate our growth and ensure our execution is flawless?


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