Digital Content Development

What It Is

The saying, “Content is king” is not a cliché. That is how B2B marketing in the 21st century works.

Over 60% of corporate decision makers today are under 40, and  came of age in the online era—not only do they expect information to be available online, they expect it to be available on their mobile phones. Which means–Marketing content must be digital and in a responsive format to fit whatever device is used to view it.

Sellers that do not have their company and product information in a digital and responsive format will find themselves at a significant marketing disadvantage to their competitors that do.

Furthermore, today’s decision makers expect information to be available across all media including video, audio, animation, and text.

SOMAmetrics develops a wide variety of sales and marketing digital content, including:

  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Product & Services Web Pages
  • Product Literature
  • Blogs & Articles
  • Video Animation
  • Video Shoots & Scripts
  • Emails
  • Call & Voice Mail Scripts
  • Case Studies

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How It Works

The SOMAmetrics Marketing Operations Team works with clients to understand the key issues and develop these into a compelling story that will unfold in a series of email and social media campaigns.

Although Business Development Reps will sometimes need to cold-call and generate their own qualified leads, the optimal ratio is for them to receive at least half of their call list from Demand Generation programs. Inbound leads from Demand Generation programs close faster and at a higher rate than those generated from just prospecting calls alone.

The chart below shows how SOMAmetrics develops content and campaigns to produce the desired number and qualify of Marketing Qualified Leads.