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What It Is is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform–a cloud-based application for managing sales, service, marketing, and pretty much any business operation. While offers a number of functionalities out of the box, it can be further customized and extended to solve any business process need:

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    • AppExchange: thousands of apps that are customized for, extending it to every department and every industry.
    • Workflows for automating business processes consisting of  rules and triggers that send out notifications, update field values, or create tasks based on certain criteria being met.
    • Apex code for addressing even more custom and sophisticated requirements
    • Integrations available with a large number of commercially available software/cloud based marketing, sales, and financial/accounting tools
  • Business Analytics that run on top of the built-in reports and dashboards to provide any intelligence required

SOMAmetrics has installed, optimized, extended, and managed over 61 installations in startups as well as Fortune 2,000 companies. In a digital era, companies that do not digitize their business processes will be at a significant disadvantage compared to their competitors who have digitally transformed their businesses.

Let us begin your company’s digital transformation.

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How It Works

SOMAmetrics breaks this complex task into five manageable stages, utilizing Agile Development Methodologies for rapid releases of deliverables:

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Work with Senior Management and department leaders to define company-wide and departmental objectives. Identify any current bottlenecks that may prevent the achievement of these goals.


Work with key leaders to optimize existing business processes, remove any that no longer deliver desired results, and add new ones if needed.


Develop the necessary tools and workflow automations to deliver the desired targets on identified metrics; upload data and clean the database; integrate systems to share data across departments and workflows; and build the dashboards and reports that enable departmental heads to get the pulse of their business at a glance–on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.


Build a company-wide knowledge base and train both management and end users on how to use the new automations, reports, and dashboards to accelerate business growth.


Provide ongoing maintenance and administration of to ensure that it always delivers not only what is needed today, but also in the future.

As a partner, SOMAmetrics has implemented, upgraded, and optimized dozens of projects, including:

    • New installations
    • Data cleansing and de-duping
    • Workflow and process automation
    • Automation of discounts and approvals
    • Integrations with marketing, financial, and support automation tools
  • Building and automatically delivering reports and dashboards to both managers and their reports

Companies that do not keep up with the demands of this digital age will inevitably fall behind competitors who have digitized their business operations.

Let us begin your company’s digital transformation.

Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Capability Assesments

Capability Assessments

Our client’s business model was based on volume transactions—high volume of lending was good for business, and the reverse was equally bad. Volumes were at a historically low level.

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