Digital Content Development

High quality digital content is what today’s digitally savvy buyers consume before engaging in a sales process. Companies with little or no digital assets practically cease to exist.

What is Digital Content

Digital content is how sellers show that they really understand the challenges and pains that their prospective buyers face, and how they can help them overcome these challenges.

It is how sellers establish themselves as thought leaders in their chosen spaces—by demonstrating their understanding of where the industry is, where they believe it is headed, and what they are doing to be at the forefront.

Why is Digital Content Critical

Digital content is what today’s digitally savvy buyers consume before they make up their minds on which seller gets on their short list of vendors with whom they want to talk to. Without digital content, it is as if a seller is invisible to these digital buyers.

In fact, more than socio-economic divisions, the true determinant of a digital divide is age. Those in their 40’s and below tend to prefer asynchronous digital communication by consuming digitally available media, preferably on their phones. Those in their 50’s and older prefer to talk on the phone.

The vast majority of B2B decision makers today are under that digital divide—they grew up using a computer and searching on Google. They tend to like to do their own research. Or if they task anyone else to find out, that person is likely even younger. Without substantial digital content, a website is no better than a three-fold flyer. It is what gives a seller the strong credibility needed to end up on the buyer’s short list.

Why SOMAmetrics?

SOMAmetrics has assembled a strong team of researchers, writers, and designers who create a wide range of deeply researched digital content including white papers, e-books, buyer guides, case studies, blogs, social media posts, and videos that establish our clients as thought leaders in their chosen spaces.

Some of the industries where we have supported clients with digital content include: financial services, healthcare, education, energy, food services, transportation and logistics, government, and high tech manufacturing.

Case Studies

Distribution around the world


How 14 demos were booked in the first 3 weeks of an ABM campaign, with 2 deals closed in the first 60 days.​

Thought Leadership and Partnership


The dramatic impact of a 4-month targeted campaign on new customer acquisition.​


How a client was able to achieve its goal of becoming a leading provider to the Medical Devices sector through targeted ABM campaigns.​

Digital Content

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