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70.2% of buyers say they don’t want to talk to a sales rep until they have defined their needs and possible solutions. The vast majority of the buyer’s journey is invisible to Sales.


Content is Not just King, it is Everything

More than 50% of today’s B2B buyers and 70% of the entire US workforce today are millennials– the first generation to be raised on the internet and mobile devices. They are the true digital natives who go online first for practically everything:

 90% of searches are conducted online, over 50% of them on mobile devices.

Also, the days of the single decision-maker are gone. Today, 81% of decisions are strongly influenced by non-decision makers—the millennials we mentioned above and 25% of non-executives have the final signoff on company purchases.

What this means is that Sellers must gain access into targeted accounts through digital means—by educating their targeted audiences with insightful, well-researched and data-backed content that helps buyers understand the challenges they grapple with and how to solve these.

Brand no longer has any sway in decision making—content does.

It is content that can address the concerns and issues of multiple stakeholders all at the same time—content that is clear, credible, and compelling.

It is not just a single piece of content, but a series of well-orchestrated multi-media content (white papers, case studies, blogs, webinars, videos, podcasts and more), distributed on a variety of platforms including email, digital ads, social media, and the Seller’s website.

Digital Content is how Sellers introduce themselves to prospective buyers, and how they establish their credibility so they are invited in.

Without a digital content strategy, the first 70% of the buyer’s journey will be owned by your competitor.

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How We Help

We help our clients define and execute their content strategy through deeply researching their customers, defining the overall story we want to tell, precisely defining the messaging and value proposition, then backing up the value proposition through a series of digital content pieces including white papers, blogs, videos, webinars, nurture emails, social media postings, and digital ads.


case studies

60 Day ABM Success Story resulting in 278% ROI

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Establishing Market Presence with Digital Content Strategy

How a client was able to achieve its goal of becoming a lead provider to the Medical Devices sector through targeted ABM campaigns.


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Thought Leadership

Deep and compelling content that fully substantiates your value proposition and further differentiates you from your competitors as a thought leader and partner, with deep knowledge of your targeted market space.



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