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B2B Sellers are lagging far behind B2C companies in understanding how today’s customers wish to interact with their vendors—online and preferably mobile.


B2C companies have mastered the science and art of digital marketing, moving billions of dollars of goods and services entirely online without the use of any sales rep. Think Amazon, Netflix, Uber, DoorDash, Spotify, and more.

These digital sellers have taught customers to search for what they want to find, check reviews, and make a purchase without speaking to a single human.

Then B2B sellers expect these digital customers to forget all of that when they come to work the next morning and call someone to find out about something or even to book a demo.

As we have said elsewhere 70% of the buyer’s journey is now completed before buyers even reach out to a sales rep.

Which means that digital marketing has to complete that 70% by:

  • Developing a variety of digital content, aimed at different stakeholders in the same company—finance, legal/compliance, technology, operations, sales, etc.
  • Creating the content in a variety of media including text, infographic, video, audio, live webinars, and more
  • Distributing content through a variety of channels and platforms including email, social, web properties, digital advertising, and virtual meetings.

Today, digital marketing is as indispensable to B2B sellers as it is to B2C. In fact, there is no longer B2B vs B2C. In the digital era, it is all B2P—business to person.

Regardless of whether that person is buying for herself or her organization, she expects the same experience—easily search to find potential solutions for her problem, get deep content in a variety of media, see it across multiple platforms, read references and reviews, and finally make her decision to engage the vendor.

How We Help

SOMAmetrics has assembled a complete team of researchers, writers, animators, designers, and digital marketing experts to provide a comprehensive, content-driven digital marketing campaigns for our clients with the goal of creating the desired number of High Quality Leads our clients need to meet and exceed their revenue targets.


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Targeted Campaign Management

Reach your target audience in a variety of ways–including email, social media, paid and organic search—to ensure maximum exposure of your company and products.



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Digital Sales & Marketing in the Digital Age

The vast majority of B2B Sellers operate as Tier 3 vendors—they compete with hundreds, if not thousands of other companies for the same customer base. Tier 3 Vendors never get invited in, so they must spend a great deal of time and money trying to get noticed for a deal they are unlikely to win.

Digital Selling is Here

Business to Business (B2B) sales operations is drastically changing. Sales personnel now have access to exceptional amounts of data. Combined with machine learning and other applications of Artificial Intelligence, sales and marketing personnel can use an array of tools to identify opportunities for growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Inbound leads—potential leads that come to your website as a result of search—are a great source of potential business. First of all, they are searching for a solution because they have a need, and are therefore, already further along in the buyer’s journey. Furthermore, they are probably the most inexpensive way to generate leads since you have no per lead cost.