The Future of B2B Has Changed.

And here's what you should know.

73% of all B2B companies say that winning new customers is their top priority

Yet, 50% of B2B Sales Leaders DON'T believe they can meet their targets

Today’s B2B buyers are highly digitally oriented.



of today’s B2B buyers are millennials.


of workforce participants grew up online.

The old selling model is not working as well today.


increase in cost of sales since 2011


of the buying journey is completed by the time B2B buyers begin contacting sales rep


of product and vendor searches happen online


product research are done on mobile devices during work

B2B Buyers They Are Not Who You Think


of non C-Suite B2B employees heavily influence purchasing decisions


of non C-Suite B2B employees have the final sign off on company purchases


of B2B buying and selling transactions start online


of decision makers say they never respond to cold calls

Digital Sales and Marketing strategies are game changers


The vast majority of B2B Sellers operate as Tier 3 vendors—they compete with hundreds, if not thousands of other companies for the same customer base. Tier 3 Vendors never get invited in, so they must spend a great deal of time and money trying to get noticed for a deal they are unlikely to win.

The right Marketing & Sales goal should be to get your sales reps on the short list of your prospective buyers’ vendor lists, so they want to meet with your reps.

The sellers that end up on Buyers’ short list today have  the right digital sales and marketing strategies–compelling information that buyers need on an online, preferably mobile platform. 

And they know how to drive prospects to that information with highly targeted marketing and business development campaigns. This is where digital sales and marketing strategies are a game changer.

That’s why today’s leading companies win twice as many new customers, grow 3 times faster, and are 4 to 5 times more profitable than their peers.