The 2018 US Healthcare Sector Guide:

Your Essential Tool to Understanding, Navigating, and Penetrating the Healthcare Market with Ease

Technological Innovation is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Whether you are an established healthcare company or looking to begin selling in the medical market, this guide is crucial to understanding the current regulations, trends, and challenges emerging in the 2018 United States’ healthcare sector.

This guide is particularly helpful for those interested in learning the roll that technological innovation is playing in healthcare: how these technologies are being used, who is using them, and the best way to market and sell them.  

50 Pages of In-Depth Research

Complete with over 50 pages of in-depth research, this comprehensive healthcare sector guide will assist you and your business in:

  • Navigating the current regulations and legislation governing US and global healthcare today, particularly in regards to the Affordable Care Act and Trump’s proposed healthcare bills
  • Understanding the primary drivers of the US’s constantly increasing healthcare costs, such as a quickly aging population and the use of a fee-for-service healthcare model
  • Learning the roll that the rise of healthcare technology, from wearables and mobile apps to AR and VR, is having and will have in monitoring and treating disease
  • Successfully transitioning from operating in the current fee-for-service model to the value-based healthcare model coming into effect in 2018
  • Overcoming the security and privacy challenges consumers have in regards to current healthcare technologies, particularly in Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

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