Digital TRansformations

Digital Transformation is One of the Hottest Trends Today

Digital Transformation is one of the hottest trends in the private sector today. In fact, it will spell the difference between the winners and the losers. Companies that get it right are seeing their market caps soar; those that get it wrong are growing slowly or – even worse – falling by the wayside. In

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education challenges

The Top Six Big Data Challenges in Education

Top Big Data Challenges The path to the successful application of Big Data to educational institutions is going to face at least six major Big Data challenges or road blocks that will have to be addressed one at a time: Integration across institutional boundaries – K-12 schools are generally organized around academic disciplines. Universities are

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digital healthcare

Digitally Transforming Healthcare Industry

Big Data Has Changed the Practice of Healthcare Forever – and the Change is Just Beginning. Healthcare organizations – old and new – are investing heavily in Big Data applications. Big Data projects process data measured in petabytes to deliver significant healthcare benefits. Only a small proportion of that data comes from traditional databases with

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food and beverage and big data

Big Data is Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry

A 2015 McKinsey study reported that food retailers can improve their operating margins by up to 60% simply by harnessing the power of Big Data. In order to keep pace with consumers’ fickle buying habits, food and beverage companies need to begin combining raw point-of-sale data with the Big Data that is now available. Analytical

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Big Data in the Home Improvement Industry

The Home Depot is the unchallenged leader in the home improvement retail sector in terms of applying Big Data to advantage. The Home Depot collects data from its own website, promotional emails, and social media. It uses that information to drive traffic to its stores by improving their marketing programs. As a result, The Home

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mobile medical apps

How Medical Mobile Apps are Transforming Healthcare

Medical mobile apps are transforming the Healthcare Industry, promising to improve quality of healthcare while lowering costs. In 2017, global medical healthcare apps were a $26 billion industry with a global average CAGR of 32.5%. The United States currently has the largest market for mobile medical apps. However, the Asia-Pacific region is showing the fastest

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