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Big Data Case Studies in Education

Big Data Case Studies with Proven Results Big Data Case Studies: Coursera Coursera provides education from leading universities around the world delivered over the internet. The instruction is handled through

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Retail and big data

Big Data is everywhere in the Retail Industry

Big Data is everywhere in the Retail Industry. It would be be hard to find any part of the management of retail operations that is not deeply touched by Big Data. In fact, it is already clear that to survive in the Amazon era, all retailers will have to rely heavily on Big data to

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Big Data in Auto Industry

Big Data is transforming the Auto Industry

The next few years are going to see an explosion in the rate at which detailed data is collected about the moment-by-moment operation of nearly all new cars. This data will be stored and collated in centralized databases that make Big Data analyses possible. McKinsey published a report in 2014 that estimated that the global

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4 Ways Big Data is getting Mortgage Companies the Information They Need

The problem In every other industry besides the mortgage industry, buyers know exactly what they are buying before they lay their cash on the table. Car buyers can read Consumer’s Reports and drive the car around the block. Camera and computer buyers can download YouTube reviews of any product on the market in less than

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mortgage and big data

Six Ways Big Data Impacts the Mortgage Industry

There are six ways Big Data impacts the mortgage industry. And what I’m going to tell you about now is just the leading edge of a transformation that that is going to make all the difference between the winners and the losers in this industry. But before I get into that, let me give you

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mortgage industry

The Future of Big Data in the Mortgage Industry

It’s common knowledge that Big Data has arrived in the Mortgage Industry. One of the most important questions leaders in our industry need to ask themselves, of course, is “Where is it all going?” We’re going to give you our take on this issue in just a moment. But first, let me give a short

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