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Big Data Case Studies in Education

Big Data Case Studies with Proven Results Big Data Case Studies: Coursera Coursera provides education from leading universities around the world delivered over the internet. The instruction is handled through data streaming videos. Coursera tracks how its students watch those courses. Students might “rewind” to watch a section a second time. Or they might fast

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The Top Players in the Education Technology Industry

Here are some of the well-recognized in the Education Technology (EdTech) sector – in no particular order. These are the companies that are developing the paradigms that will shape Big Data in Education. They are also the companies that are developing the technologies to implement those paradigms and offer them to educational institutions. This is

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big data in education

Big Data in Education: Full of Promise, Uncertain Future

This is What Big Data in Education Looks Like One educational practitioner used Big Data to catch an anomaly in a course that was designed to progress smoothly from one module to the next. He found that the students in the class progressed from module 1 to module 7 as expected. At that point, however,

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Digital Transformation Technologies Help Increase Revenue

Digital Transformation technologies are one of the hottest trends in the private sector today. In fact, it will spell the difference between the winners and the losers. Companies that get it right are seeing their market caps soar; those that get it wrong are growing slowly or – even worse – falling by the wayside.

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