Self-Starting Demand Gen

Every company knows that the customer is king and that creating demand among both potential and existing customers is key to multiplying revenues. What companies seem to overlook is that

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The Sales Presentation

In qualifying the prospect, the Fact Finder uncovered key areas that need to be further articulated and explored. The result of doing a sales presentation then is to help the prospect articulate those needs and provide them with information from which they can make a purchasing decision. The presentation should be a dialogue rather than

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You Need To Stand Out In The Crowd

Your priorities have not changed. You need to transform your business processes, boost your revenue, improve your customer intimacy and foster the work of your entire organization. It is an old-school view that some companies are innovators and others are followers. No business manager should dictate the terms of the company’s existence. You need to

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Setting the Stage for Qualification

Your goal should be to look for sales opportunities. So, qualifying is about looking for ways to expand your client base, not limit it. What is a qualified prospect? -They recognize a problem exists. -They are motivated to solve problems. -They feel that your product or solution will solve their problems. -They have budget to

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Approaching Your Prospect

The approach is typically the first step in the sales process. It begins with your personal preparation and how you choose to create a good first impression. Here are some tips to make you more successful in your approach. On the telephone: -be prepared. -be brief. -be enthusiastic. -be urgent. -talk a little faster than

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99 Percent Perspiration

There’s no substitute in the business world for good old-fashioned hustle and innovation. And, no one understands that success is “1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration” better than companies that have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. These companies are not waiting for things to happen, they make things happen. They typically make

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Time To Get Cracking

All kinds of things that happened in the last few years require us to change the way we do business today. The way we interact with customers, is one of many things that changed. Is it bad? No. Is it wrong? No. Sales and customer service is a business decision. Many companies that adopted the

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