Seven Reasons why Companies miss Revenue Targets

Over the past 20 years of working with some 100 small and medium sized companies, we have found that the top six reasons why companies miss their revenue targets are: Not setting Valid Revenue Targets Poor quality of sales pipeline Insufficient size of sales pipeline Bad fit between What you sell and the Sales Team’s

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teleprospecting man on team

Why Your Teleprospecting Team Is Losing Sales

A Typical Teleprospecting Team You have hired a team of junior folks, whom you have trained. Their base pay is in the $25K-$45K range and your company throws in a few bucks, when a lead is accepted by Field or Inside Sales You have provided the scripts and CRM for the Teleprospectors to use The

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Modern work place

A Culture of Continous Recognition

Why do people work? Do people work only to earn money, pay bills, and live in some comfort? Or might they also work for a more inherent reason? We all need money to live in comfort and to support our families. However, I believe that most human beings thrive in environments that provide recognition for

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Large office building infrastructure

Telemarketing – Build the Infrastructure First!

Why is the Telemarketing Infrastructure So Important? I have written a few blogs on the topic of the lead qualification process, however, I continue to find prospects without a clue as to the meaning of a lead qualification process or how to start begin the process. Here are a few “Best Practice” tips that I share

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Business man taking notes on telemarketing while his laptop is open

How to Make Sales Love Telemarketing!

The question that Whitney Houston asked in her hit song “How Will I Know” is often asked by Telemarketing Managers. Of course they ask, “How will I know if Sales really loves us?” Here are a few best practices that will make your Telemarketing team loveable, for years to come. First, make sure that you

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Telemarketing Metrics that Ensure Sales Pipeline Growth

A common mistake companies make, which I have seen often, is their focus on the tail end of the Revenue Realization Cycle (RRC) such as closing ratios, sales cycles, and forecasting what will close this quarter, while neglecting to track and measure all the upfront work that needs to be done prior to these stages.

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