Complex Sales

How to Fix Missed Revenue Targets

In our work with clients, we have identified three fundamental reasons why companies have missed  revenue targets Not enough opportunities in the sales pipeline to start with Not enough of

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Getting B2B Sales Working Again

B2B Sales absolutely depend on three distinct and different, but highly related operations working seamlessly together. There are very good reasons for why three operations are needed, and why they are so different from each other. It is all about the economy of scale and specialization necessary to deliver high volumes of high quality leads

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What Do Buyers Want?

The Three Basic Types of buyers Three kinds of buyers exist in the B2B market: Visionaries, Pragmatists, and Conservatives. Because these are very different types of decision makers, they respond to very different messaging.   Characteristics Role of Content & Messaging Visionaries Visionaries constitute a mere 15% of all B2B buyers. This group spends more

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capability assessment

The New Realities of B2B Sales (Part 2)

In “The New Realities of B2B Sales (Part 1)”, we discussed shifts in Business-to-Business (B2B) due to the growing number of Millennials in the B2B market as well as the difference between strategic procurement and purchasing. In Part 2, we have outlined two more changes to the realities of B2B sales and marketing due to

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The New Realities of B2B Sales (Part 1)

The 21st Century Reality A fundamental shift we see in Business-to-Business (B2B) is that prospecting and sales results are becoming more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to produce. Lead conversion rates are lower, sales cycles are longer, and closing ratios are not what they used to be. The success of acquiring and retaining customers relies on

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develop new business

How to Develop New Business and Break Into New Industry Sectors (Quadrant 4)

“How to Develop New Business and Break Into New Industry Sectors” is part of our “Four Quadrants for High Growth Quick Start Guide”.  To access the full series click here   Quadrant 4: Develop New Business Outside your Industry Overall Goal: Find a new customer type for each new product every two years, thereby increasing

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