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Intelligent Automation should be one of the top priorities of any company interested in predictable high growth rates. Without it, companies will see their costs rising faster than revenues.


Digital Selling Rests on Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is how companies continuously build scalable operations. It provides a number of critical benefits including:

·       Speed – automation dramatically accelerates business processes as steps are executed automatically without waiting for human intervention. That means your operations can run 24X7 unless there is a reason why they shouldn’t.

·       Accuracy – human error is normal, but machines will not make errors unless configured incorrectly. That means that the underlying data generated from an automated process is likely to be far more reliable than one generated by human actions.

·       Transparency – data generated by machines through automation is not only reliable, but it is transparent and available for reporting and analysis—unlike data that resides in the laptops, inboxes, and mobile phones of employees.

·       Intelligence – today’s business intelligence tools are extremely powerful and can easily crunch terabytes of data to provide powerful insights. All they need is lots of clean data that is ideally generated by automation.

The good news is that powerful automation is available in practically all of the software tools we use today. The challenge is in making the automation intelligent so it pays for itself multiple times over.

How We Help

SOMAmetrics has deep expertise in the setup, configuration, and administration of a number of sales and marketing automation tools including, Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, SharpSpring, MailChimp, Outreach, Linked Sales Navigator, ZOHO, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Unlike other agencies, SOMAmetrics has expertise in B2B Sales and Marketing, helping our clients not just in the technical implementation and administration of these tools, but also in consulting our clients to identify the right sales and marketing goals, metrics, KPIs, and workflows to be implemented.


case studies

246% Sales Pipeline Growth in 90 Days

Bringing sales practices, metrics & KPIs, and sales training brought immediate increases in sales performance.

case study 2

Targeted Marketing: 792% ROI in 120 days

The dramatic impact of a 4-month targeted campaign on new customer acquisition.


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Sales Enablement

Ensure that all of your sales reps are consistently meeting the sales targets. This starts with aligning the goals of your sales reps with that of senior management, engaging them with the right support, and continually building the tools the need to succeed each day.



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Use Intelligent Sales Data to Grow Sales

Salespeople often complain about the amount of data they are given and ask when and how they are supposed to use this data. Overloading people with data can be just as useless as giving them none. Not only does it waste time, it also it focuses their work on the data rather than what the

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Critical Success Factor 3: Automation

Both Marketing and Sales Automation are crucial to the success of B2B sales. Marketing Automation Purpose To automate the creation and nurturing of a lead by delivering the right content at the right time based on action previously taken (or not taken) by the prospect. To provide intelligence on the buying intent and readiness of

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If you have not fully optimized your or are not fully using its capabilities, then you are not getting your money’s worth out of it. Let’s take a look and show you how you can vastly improve your ROI on your current implementation.