Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform

What is an Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform?

Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform

An Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform is a suite of services and technologies that work together to bring prospective buyers closer to the Seller in increasing numbers, thereby improving closing ratios, shortening sales cycles, and reducing lead acquisition costs—all while increasing the number of leads generated over time.

Why is it Necessary?

B2B buyers have changed how they buy and are increasingly harder to reach.

Partly this is due to the changing demographics of the workplace. Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) now constitute 35% of America’s workforce, and are its largest generation. They are Digital Natives who play a role in 72% of corporate buying decisions. Over 90% of their product and vendor searches are online for both consumer and corporate goods and services. Companies that don’t have a compelling presence on the web literally don’t exist for this group. In fact, over 90% of B2B buyers today report they never respond to cold calls.

Sellers have made the situation worse by trying to trick buyers into picking up the phone. These sellers use auto-dialers to deliver “robo-calls” to cut their costs, and leave automated voice mails each time they call.  Anyone who has been at the receiving end of this knows how untargeted, irrelevant, and irritating many of these phone calls are.

Not only are buyers now not picking up the phone unless they recognize the caller, they are no longer even bothering to check their voice mails.

So, how does a Seller reach B2B buyers who don’t want to be reached?

By honoring their wish, “Don’t call me. I will call you.”

How does Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform Work?

At the core of an ISAP is a single powerful idea that differentiates you from your competitors. Contrary to common belief, Sellers are the worst at knowing this. Most resort to saying, “We are the leading provider of…”, which means little and is believable by no one.

You can only find what differentiates you from knowing your customers intimately. You have to very clearly define your customers—who has a real pain you can solve better than competitors? From these two comes a clear and compelling value proposition.

To make your value proposition believable, you must back it up with data—you must know how much it costs your customers to continue to live with that pain, and by how much you can cut that cost for them. You must document and make this available as a series of thought-provoking and eye opening digital content including white papers, podcasts, videos, articles, blogs, case studies, and more.

Finally you must run highly targeted marketing campaigns. The first place to start is with your inbound marketing–make this digital content easily findable on the internet, because that is where your buyers live. For today’s buyers who are not yet your customers, If you can’t be found online, you literally don’t exist.

That is what an ISAP consists of—a set of strategies and best practices that are automatically implemented using digital marketing automation tools.

As buyers try to solve their own problem by googling, they come across your content—some of which you provide “freely” and others that they must “pay for” by providing their contact information.

You then start engaging them online and when they are ready to be contacted, they actually schedule a call with you selecting a time that works for them on your calendar.

Where can I get it?

You can build your own ISAP by assembling a team of digital experts consisting of researchers, writers, visual designers, SEO experts, and digital ad experts. This could easily cost you at least $50,000/month in payroll–including your expert digital marketing manager.

Or, you can hire a firm like SOMAmetrics to set one up and manage for you to obtain better results for a fraction of that cost.

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