Learning Series

SERIES 1 - Pipeline Development

How do you reach prospects who are doing everything they can to block you?

With over 160 million robo-calls made each day, and over 294 billion emails sent each day, you can’t blame prospects for trying to stop this onslaught. But you have to continue to grow, so how do you build your sales pipeline?

By aligning your interest with the self-interest of your prospects and giving them a reason to want to talk to you.

This is what we call High Quality Pipeline Development–a pipeline that consists of high quality leads: leads that are well informed, have authority to make a buy decision, and want to to you now.

We have assembled five presentations to walk you through the process of building such a high quality pipeline consisting of five pillars: Persona development, messaging, content development, contact acquisition, and conversion into a Conversation Ready Lead.

SERIES 2 - Sales Conversion

With your High Quality Pipeline built, the next critical excellence area is to convert this pipeline to sales. This starts with setting the right growth target and building a sales plan to achieve the growth target.

Learn powerful planning concepts such as The Four Quadrants Sales Strategy, Four Funnels Sales Methodology, Funnel Math, Individual GOSPA for increasing personal productivity, and more.