Step 4

Run Highly Targeted Campaigns

Most B2B marketing campaigns consistently miss the mark. Here's why.

Sellers devote significant effort and funds toward marketing their products. Unfortunately, those efforts usually deliver underwhelming results. Most of the time, the reason is quite simple:  their messaging is too generic and talks too much about themselves.

More often than not, these campaigns fail to pass the “So what?” test.


Companies that drive highly targeted marketing campaigns have conversion rates that are two to three times higher than those that don’t.

Effective marketing campaigns all follow this formula:

  1. They are highly targeted and backed by information-rich content.
  2. They help potential buyers find solutions to their challenges.
  3. They convert their prospects into customers in the most natural way.

Why does this work?

Audiences find highly targeted campaigns extremely relevant– which is why they tune in. These campaigns provide usable and current information that fully pass the “So what?” test, so that prospects look forward to receiving more marketing communication from them.

Targeted campaigns build credibility and trust right from the beginning because the focus of the campaigns is on the buyer, not the seller. The buyer begins to see the seller as a partner even before contracts are signed.If you are conducting anticipated, highly targeted, and information-rich campaigns while your competitors are not, you will win more business than they do. The opposite is just as true.

It's Time for a More Systematic & Targeted Approach

If you are not seeing the expected levels of conversions, then you are not conducting targeted campaigns. Moreover, you are most likely making it too easy for your competitors to take business away from you.

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