Step 3

Substantiate your claims through Thought leadership

Today, more than ever, solid, research-based content is king.

Research shows that 67% of the buying journey is completed digitally, before speaking to a salesperson. And 80% of B2B decision makers say they prefer to get information from a variety of articles rather than from company advertising.

Identifying the right target customers and developing a claim that is differentiated enough to attract the attention of potential buyers is only part of what it takes to consistently win new business.

To truly differentiate their offerings, Sellers must present a body of evidence that overwhelmingly supports their compelling claim.

Over 90% of B2B product research happens online, and more than half of that research is conducted using mobile devices at the workplace. This means that content has to be digital and mobile friendly.

At a minimum, this body of evidence must include: a white paper, case studies, blogs, informative product pages, animated slides, and videos.


1. provide high value information

You content should not be an advertisement that promotes product features or makes hyperbolic claims. The primary objective of your marketing content is to provide high value information so that you are considered a thought leader, thereby differentiating yourself from the pack.

2. designed to provide a journey

You want to lead your readers from a high level introductory overview to specialized content that focuses on specific issues important to them. This is how we all naturally learn—we go from the big picture to the details.

3. Targeted and deep

While there is typically one “official” decision maker that may sign the contract, it is very likely that many others will be involved in the actual decision making including: technical validators, compliance validators, potential end-users, and Procurement. In fact, studies show that a typical purchase today may include as many as 13 people in the buying group.

Therefore, it is important to develop targeted content that addresses the stakeholders’ specific areas of concern, being careful not to have multiple documents that may be out of synch with each other and create confusion rather than bringing consensus.

This is a lot of work, but it is also how you can stand out and clearly establish yourself as the thought leader in your chosen space.


Without highly compelling evidence, your marketing efforts look like bad advertising that will likely get tuned out. Your digital content should prove that you have complete understanding of a buyer’s problem, and that you have the deep expertise needed to solve the problem. Ideally, the quality of your content should also be superior to that of your competitors.

It’s what we do at SOMAmetrics. Let us help.