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Many companies try to address their slow or flat growth rate by hiring more people and or buying more software before clearly understanding the issues that are preventing them from hitting their revenue targets.

Starting with a quick, intensive assessment project will save you significant money and time, enabling you to focus resources where the best results can be found.

With the assessment completed, you can clearly see what you must do next in terms of making sure you have the right goals, metrics, Key Performance indicators, compensation, people, systems, and processes.

With your Inside Sales improvement plan in place, you can now define projects in terms of quick 30 day turnarounds; 90-day turnarounds, and 9-12 month turnaround target projects.

Each will enable you to realize quick revenue gains that will pay for subsequent projects.

Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Capability Assesments

Capability Assessments

Our client’s business model was based on volume transactions—high volume of lending was good for business, and the reverse was equally bad. Volumes were at a historically low level.
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