Whether you are thinking of using Salesforce.com and want to do a trial, or have been using it for years, the key to realizing its full ROI is to ensure you are using Salesforce.com following best practices.

It starts with the right goals, metrics, and KPIs, and goes to fully leveraging the power of Salesforce.com to automate and accelerate your lead to revenues cycles.

Saleforce.com instances become stale over time and must be refreshed at least every two years.

Duplicate records, contacts and leads that haven’t been touched in years, and values, layouts, and workflows that are out of date are all signs of a system that was configured for yesterday’s needs.

Let us help you optimize Salesforce.com for your current and future needs so you can continue to realize high ROI from this powerful—and expensive—tool.

Without ongoing support, your Salesforce.com will become stale in a matter of months.

Users with limited knowledge of Salesforce.com will try to modify it to meet their immediate needs, violating best practices and rendering it fragile and untrustworthy.

As you would protect your most valuable investments, you should consider looking into a professionally managed support with a low monthly fee, so you can continually reap high ROI from your Salesforce.com investment.

Salesforce.com’s new Lightning version is a streamlined approach that makes it easier to arrange layouts in a dashboard fashion, thereby minimizing the need for scrolling and optimizing use by specific role.

SOMAmetrics assists clients in migrating their current Classic version to Lightning, and providing training for their teams so they become proficient in a matter of days.