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Salesforce.com Optimization & cleanup

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A powerful and attractive value proposition of Salesforce.com has been how easy it is for  non-technical people to create whatever they need, without requiring technical analysts to help them.

As a result, it has become normal to see a lack of clarity and purpose in the design and usage of Salesforce.com within many companies, such as:

  • Stale or old data (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, etc.)
  • Duplicate records (typically leads, contacts, accounts)
  • Fields that are no longer used or needed
  • Duplicate fields (typically created at different times)
  • Values in drop downs and multi-select fields that are no longer relevant
  • Layouts that are cluttered with fields and not optimized for a particular user type’s workflow
  • Email templates that have not been updated
  • Reports and dashboards that are no longer relevant or adequate, and more

SOMAmetrics has worked with dozens of companies helping to clean up and optimize their Salesforce instances to meet their current and future needs.

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Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Capability Assesments

Capability Assessments

Our client’s business model was based on volume transactions—high volume of lending was good for business, and the reverse was equally bad. Volumes were at a historically low level.
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