Account Based Marketing (ABM)

For B2B companies that sell complex, high-ticket items to enterprise accounts, Account Based Marketing (ABM) provides a disciplined, systematic approach to orchestrating customized communication across many stakeholders, increasing the likelihood of a win by as much as 80% over normal sales approaches.

However, ABM is very complex and difficult to execute correctly. It requires the alignment of goals, the commitments of sales and marketing, the careful selection of accounts and key roles, lots of customized and personalized content, and fully integrated tech stack for reliable reporting and insights.

ABM Ideal Customer Profile Development

SOMAmetrics helps clients select their key roles within each account based on data analysis such as intent data, segment analysis, sales data analysis, and more.

Persona Based Content Development

Persona-based content comprehensively addresses the large number and variety of questions across an enterprise account, leading to higher win rates in the shortest time possible.

ABM Nurture Campaigns Operations

An ABM nurture campaign is the orchestration of email sequences, each targeting a specific persona with customized content with the goal of persuading each persona to meet with sales.

Why It is Critical

Business offerings tend to fall into one of two categories: high volume/low complexity products or services and low volume/high complexity products or services.

Traditional mass marketing was designed to market the first—high volume/low complexity products and services. Messaging doesn’t need to be customized or personalized, simply target a group of potential customers and blast them with the same message over and over again until they buy.

Obviously, this doesn’t work very well today as people can block calls and texts, unsubscribe from emails, and otherwise reduce noise. Governments as well as device makers are now adding more and more privacy protection features and laws to protect individuals from unwanted mass marketing noise.

When it comes to complex offerings, mass marketing is even less effective since it is a sledge hammer where a scalpel is required. It requires orchestrating sales and marketing across a large number of key stakeholders, sometimes as many as 17 to 23 different stakeholders within a single enterprise account.

ABM provides a powerful and effective strategy for providing highly customized and personalized information, based on the type of account and the role of the individual recipient, thereby better addressing their key concerns and needs, leading to more interest, engagement and eventual willingness to speak with Sales.

However, winning these large marquee accounts requires a great deal of effort, collaboration across teams and departments, senior management commitment, patience, and money.

SOMAmetrics has designed a package of services to help you manage the complexities of executing your ABM programs to achieve a higher success rate.

Why SOMAmetrics is Different?

SOMAmetrics’ core business is generating high-quality B2B leads and converting these into Conversation Ready Leads that are well informed, have decision making power, and are ready to talk to your sales rep.

We specialize in engaging B2B decision makers, in our emails as well as in the digital content we develop. We utilize a fully-tested scientific approach to writing effective B2B emails for busy decision makers who receive hundreds of emails each day and have to make a decision in less than 1 second whether to open an email or not, and scan the entire email in under 3 seconds.

Don’t settle by putting your representation and first impression with prospective buyers into the hands of your junior BDRs.

Work with a seasoned B2B content marketing agency to provide your BDR and Sales teams the engagement tools they need to succeed and exceed their quota.

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