Persona Based Content Development

Comprehensively address the large number and variety of questions across an enterprise account, leading to higher win rates in the shortest time possible.

What is Persona Based Content Development

Persona-based content is educational content customized to a single persona with the goal of informing and changing their mind, opening them up to consider your product or service, and eventually persuading them to talk with your sales team and see a demo.

Persona-based content comprehensively addresses the large number and variety of questions across an enterprise account, leading to higher win rates in the shortest time possible.

Why is Persona Based Content Development Critical

Let’s use an example to illustrate the power of personalized content. Let’s say you sell an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool.

This might primarily interest the VP of Production in a high-tech manufacturing company. You may have a white paper that describes why this is a game changer because it enables the VP of Manufacturing to truly manage JIT, rapid prototyping, and other best practices to bring products out to market rapidly while simultaneously reducing inventory and product obsoletion.

However, there is a high cost involved and the CFO may want to know the financial returns such as how it reduces costs (inventory), improves cash flow, what its payback period is and so on. This is not of specific interest to the VP of Manufacturing.

Also, if a selling point is that it integrates with other systems outside of the prospect’s enterprise, the head of IT may want to know how and who will do that, how complex it might be, and so on.

• The CIO wants to know how this improves executive purporting and intelligence.
• The Chief Security Officer wants to make sure you have adequate security and you won't be a trojan horse for hackers.
• The Head of Procurement might want to know about service, terms and conditions, training, maintenance, and more.

In non-ABM selling, the expectation is that the VP of Manufacturing will have all these stakeholders sitting at a conference table and have them ask your sales rep to answer all their questions satisfactorily.

But in today’s world where meetings are extremely difficult to secure, the role of ABM is to open the door for your sales reps by providing key information to make stakeholders go to the sponsor (the VP of Manufacturing) and say, “Have you seen this? We were just discussing that problem a few weeks ago...”

Let us help you execute your ABM campaigns more precisely by scaleably creating highly customized, persona-based content to accelerate sales and improve win rates.

Why SOMAmetrics?

Outside agencies tend to have certain advantages over internal resources when it comes to sales diagnosis.  For one thing, they have conducted dozens of these sales diagnoses and have developed a more robust process for uncovering underlying issues and analyzing them. They tend to have clients that come from a wide range of industries and sizes. Furthermore, outside agencies are more likely to be objective and impartial, assume they know nothing until they ask questions and get some answers.

For instance, with over 25 years of experience building and managing inside and field sales organizations, SOMAmetrics has diagnosed and corrected sales challenges at over 60 companies, ranging from startups to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

The SOMAmetrics Sales Diagnosis can typically be completed within one calendar week. It consists of a series of interviews with your leadership team in sales, marketing, and customer support organizations; a review of your sales pipeline; interviews with sales team members; review of your sales processes, systems, KPI’s; your comp plan; and more.

Case Studies

How a client was able to become a leading provider to the Medical Devices sector through targeted ABM campaigns.

How a global publicly traded company used our services to increase the effectiveness of its BDR team by 67%.

How a tech company went after three different markets in nine months using a planned, targeted approach.

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