Compelling Value Proposition Development

Without a compelling value proposition, buying cycles take too long and sales discussions quickly deteriorate into price discounts.

What is a Compelling Value Proposition

SOMAmetrics defines a compelling value proposition as one that quickly communicates the clear impact that a seller’s product or service has on the buyer’s operation.

The buyer here is a specific persona within a type of company and in a given industry. Without a specific persona targeted, the value prop will not be compelling, and is reduced to a mere slogan—something that has meaning internally within the seller’s organization, but has little or no meaning for the buyer.

Why is a Compelling Value Proposition Critical

Compelling value propositions have measurable and significant impact on sales:

1. They shorten sales cycles, sometimes by as much as half. The value is clear and targeted on a specific persona so the sales rep gets a thumbs up or down very quickly.

2. They increase closing ratios, anywhere from 20% to 50%. Implied in the value prop is cost of the problem. The buyer quickly gets not only what the seller can do for her, but also what it costs her not to address the problem.

3. They increase average deal sizes by a similar amount. Since the value is clear and compelling, the perceived ROI is also clear. While some negotiations may occur, sellers typically tend to get close to their asking price, thereby significantly improving average deal sizes.

All in all, the impact of a compelling value proposition on both sales and profits is very significant.

Why SOMAmetrics?

SOMAmetrics has developed a highly scientific, revenue-focused approach to developing compelling value propositions that result in leads that close faster and at a higher rate.

We develop compelling value propositions only after a thorough Persona Development & Targeting exercise. As a result, our clients typically see immediate and measurable movement in their sales pipelines after their sales people begin adjusting how they talk to their prospects.

Case Studies

How a client was able to achieve its goal of becoming a leading provider to the Medical Devices sector through targeted ABM campaigns.

How a global publicly traded company used our services to increase the effectiveness of its BDR team by 67%

How a tech company went after three different markets in nine months using a planned, targeted approach

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