Service Enablement

The SOMAmetrics Sales Enablement service is designed to rapidly increase the effectiveness of your prospecting and selling teams by giving them the tools they need to increase prospect engagement leading to more sales wins.

Clients have reported seeing as high as a 70% improvement in prospect engagement levels within 3-4 months of starting this service.

Why It is Critical

The Global Pandemic has introduced some real and lasting changes such as conducting business remotely. According to a McKinsey study, about 80% of buyers (and sellers), say they are satisfied with remote marketing and selling and do not see a reason to revert back to pre-COVID modes.

As physical venues closed, B2B sellers tried to engage buyers digitally. BDR and sales teams asked for digital tools and emails, but internal resource shortages meant their requests were put on indefinite hold. Many resorted to writing their own emails, or using the templates that came with their prospecting tools.

The result was a deluge of typically very ineffective emails that flooded the inboxes of their intended audience–resulting in high unsubscribe rates and very little else.

A better alternative is to centrally control all messaging, based on research and persona development to send highly targeted well crafted emails that are A/B tested to increase engagement.

Why SOMAmetrics is Different?

SOMAmetrics’ core business is generating high-quality B2B leads and converting these into Conversation Ready Leads that are well informed, have decision making power, and are ready to talk to your sales rep.

We specialize in engaging B2B decision makers, in our emails as well as in the digital content we develop. We have developed a fully-tested scientific approach to writing highly effective B2B emails for busy decision makers who receive hundreds of emails each day and have to make a decision in less than 1 second whether to open an email or not, and scan the entire email in under 3 seconds.

Dont settle for letting your junior BDRs decide what to write that represents you and creates the first impression your prospective buyers see.

Work with a seasoned B2B content marketing agency to provide your BDR and Sales teams the engagement tools they need to succeed and exceed their quota.

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