Sales Email Sequences

Sales Email Sequences are persona based nurture emails that are designed to move a prospective buyer from no awareness to curiosity, interest, and finally a willingness to accept a call from a BDR

What is a BDR Training Pack

Sales Email Sequences are persona based nurture emails that are designed to move a prospective buyer from no awareness to curiosity, interest, and finally a willingness to accept a call from a BDR.

SOMAmetrics Sales Email Sequences are highly targeted, rely on statistics and numbers to build curiosity and interest, provide quality information in the form of short content (checklists, infographics, benchmarks, and so on) and drive prospective buyers to want to have a conversation with Sales.

SOMAmetrics emails are designed specifically for increasing trust and credibility, starting with meaningful subject lines and preview text, and a brief email loaded with bulleted information focused on one specific issue. Each email then is part of the whole series that tells the story over 6-9 emails leading to higher trust and a desire to engage more.

Why is BDR Training Pack Critical

A number of reasons have converged to depress phone prospecting and appointment setting rates:

1. Over 70% of the workforce now consists of Millennials. More importantly, about 50% of decision makers are now Millennials. Millennials grew up texting and prefer to read/write as a communication mode than talk/listen and rarely pick up unless it is someone they know.

2. The shutdown due to the global pandemic led B2B vendors to increase their calling volume to compensate for the lack of face-to-face venues, which led the mostly millennials buyer audience to avoid phones even more than would otherwise have been.

The most effective way today to engage with a younger, more digital audience is to first nurture with email, leading to a phone call eventually.

Inside sales and prospecting organizations that don't adopt this strategy will increasingly find their appointment setting rates and the quality of meetings suffer as they try to cram anyone who is willing to take a meeting.Let’s help you increase engagement levels by 40% or more leading to better qualification and appointment setting.

Why SOMAmetrics?

Outside agencies tend to have certain advantages over internal resources when it comes to sales diagnosis.  For one thing, they have conducted dozens of these sales diagnoses and have developed a more robust process for uncovering underlying issues and analyzing them. They tend to have clients that come from a wide range of industries and sizes. Furthermore, outside agencies are more likely to be objective and impartial, assume they know nothing until they ask questions and get some answers.

For instance, with over 25 years of experience building and managing inside and field sales organizations, SOMAmetrics has diagnosed and corrected sales challenges at over 60 companies, ranging from startups to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

The SOMAmetrics Sales Diagnosis can typically be completed within one calendar week. It consists of a series of interviews with your leadership team in sales, marketing, and customer support organizations; a review of your sales pipeline; interviews with sales team members; review of your sales processes, systems, KPI’s; your comp plan; and more.

Case Studies

How a client was able to achieve its goal of becoming a leading provider to the Medical Devices sector through targeted ABM campaigns.

How a global publicly traded company used our services to increase the effectiveness of its BDR team by 67%

How a tech company went after three different markets in nine months using a planned, targeted approach

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