Sales Optimization

The SOMAmetrics Sales Optimization services help you increase your sales effectiveness by more than 25% in 60 days. 

It is one of the fastest ways to improve sales growth because it looks at the bottlenecks and friction in your sales operations and removes them. Some of these can be: your value proposition, the way your team qualifies leads, runs discoveries, does demos, provides proposals, and more.

A series of small tweaks and changes quickly add up to over 25% improvement in overall sales performance typically by the second month.

Sales Diagnosis

Analyze and remove gaps, bottlenecks and friction in your sales operations to dramatically increase your sales velocity.

High Growth Sales Management

Learn how to setup and manage a high performance sales organization that delivers High Growth.

Sales Metrics & KPI

Identify, develop and build the right metrics and Key Performance Indicators that will enable you to achieve high growth.​

High Growth Sales Training

Identify and implement the sales training, compensation, and management tools necessary to support new growth targets.

Comp Plan Analysis and Development

The SOMAmetrics Comp Plan Analysis service enables you to understand the impact of your monetary incentives on actual sales results.

Why It is Critical

Most companies think of spending more money when they think of increasing sales—attend more conferences, hire more sales reps, or more business development reps (BDRs).

However, companies should follow the “Nail it first. Then, scale it” principle—first remove friction, hurdles, and manual operations to improve sales without adding any overhead, then once you see that your operations are working well, add more resources as needed.

SOMAmetrics has the skilled resources, the deep industry experiences, and the expertise to help you rapidly optimize your sales operations, reducing your selling costs while increasing sales.

Why SOMAmetrics is Different?

SOMAmetrics’ core business is generating high-quality B2B leads and converting these into Conversation Ready Leads that are well informed, have decision making power, and are ready to talk to your sales rep.

We specialize in engaging B2B decision makers, in our emails as well as in the digital content we develop. We have developed a fully-tested scientific approach to writing highly effective B2B emails for busy decision makers who receive hundreds of emails each day and have to make a decision in less than 1 second whether to open an email or not, and scan the entire email in under 3 seconds.

Dont settle for letting your junior BDRs decide what to write that represents you and creates the first impression your prospective buyers see.

Work with a seasoned B2B content marketing agency to provide your BDR and Sales teams the engagement tools they need to succeed and exceed their quota.

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