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The dramatic impact of a 4-month targeted campaign on new customer acquisition.

per/year in recurring revenue
Executive Downloads
increase in deal size
in upsell opportunities after the first year


*The name of the client has been kept confidential at their request*

The client is a 30-year old mid-sized software solutions vendor in the Mortgage Industry. Though the company was already a dominant player with high name recognition in its industry, it was primarily perceived as a solution provider to small banks and brokerage firms that did under 600 loans per year.

At the same time, the industry was becoming highly consolidated as significant new legislations were forcing smaller lenders and brokers out of business or into acquisition by larger lenders.

Clearly, the client needed to improve its effectiveness at marketing and selling to larger lenders in order to maintain steady growth  in this highly regulated environment.

Key Challenge

The CEO told us he needed the ability to effectively communicate that the company was “enterprise ready” to meet the needs of larger lenders making 6,000 loans per month or more—a ten fold increase in the size of companies targeted.

The client’s current marketing efforts, while highly effective at selling to smaller institutions, were too product-feature-oriented to address the issues that senior level decision makers at larger institutions grapple with— issues of lowering operating costs and risks, improving asset utilization, and increasing market share.

What the client needed was the ability to address these issues with authority and to demonstrate the ability to address them better than any other alternative.

What We Did

A 5 step methodology to creating an industry authority.


We started by deeply analyzing the mortgage industry, focusing on what has changed in the past few years and how these changes impact the business of mortgage lending—the costs, compliance risks, changing consumer/borrower behavior, new non-bank competitors, and more.


Our findings were then transformed into a compelling white paper that clearly outlined the new risks and opportunities in the industry, and explained how a digital mortgage platform addresses the high costs and risks of the old broken paper based lending business process.


We then showed how a digital mortgage platform delivers five unmatchable ROIs: reducing loan origination costs by 35%; improving line of credit utilization by 300%; reducing operational risk by 80%; reducing loan fallout rates by 50%; and increasing market reach by 90%.

    • reducing loan origination costs by 35%
    • improving line of credit utilization by 300%
    • reducing operational risk by 80%
    • reducing loan fallout rates by 50%
    • increasing market reach by 90%.

These were all issues that senior executives were measured and rewarded on. These issues kept them up at night.


From there, we designed highly targeted email and call campaigns targeting COOs, CFOs, and CIOs of large mortgage lenders.


Within the first 120 days of the campaign, the white paper was downloaded by 269 executives within large mortgage lending institutions, resulting in meetings with lenders that made anywhere from 6,000 to 15,000 loans per year. The campaign generated a sales funnel of $1.9 million/year in recurring revenue, plus another 50% or more in upsell opportunities after the second year.

With a low 25% conversion ratio, the four-month campaign yielded a return of 792% ROI for the first year, with a new customer acquisition cost of 12.6%, and an average three year acquisition cost of under 3.1%.

per/year in recurring revenue
Executive Downloads
increase in deal size
in upsell opportunities after the first year

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