Creative Content as a Subscription

Why Does Content Matter? When you have an important decision to make in life, you might start by seeking out information about the issue at hand. You might also look into alternative solutions to your problem. Maybe you’ll use a list of pros and cons or another type of chart to organize information about a

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The Creative Content River™: Streamlining Content Production

Why You Should Start Treating Content Like a Product As a marketer, one of your top priorities is helping customers find your product. Like all consumers, B2B buyers have access to a wealth of information online from a variety of sources to substantiate any buying decision. The downside of all of that information? Marketers have

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The Role of Content in the Buyer’s Journey

Buyers Aren’t Just Buying Your Product When buyers purchase solutions for their companies’ problems, they know that they’re not just buying a product — they are also buying the company offering the product. If they don’t feel comfortable with the company, they’re not going to buy the product — it’s as simple as that. In the

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The Reality of a Buyer’s Decision-Making Process

The buyer’s decision-making process is less straightforward than you might expect. Fortunately, high-quality decision-enabling content can help streamline the process. Business Decision-Making: How Rational Is it? When it comes to making business decisions, individuals like to think of themselves as rational thinkers motivated entirely by logic and reason. In order to make the best possible

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The Importance of Behavioral Science in B2B Marketing

There is a common misconception in B2B marketing that businesses are rational entities—meaning that they respond to rational marketing messages—as opposed to consumers who respond to emotional messages. In thinking this way, marketing teams forget about the humans behind the businesses.  The B2B Institute calls this the “objectivity trap”—people generally assume that buyers are simply

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The Importance of Performing Regular Sales Diagnoses

Too often sales teams jump to quick, ineffective solutions when they see a drop in sales performance. By doing so, they fail to address the root cause of the problem.  When quotas aren’t being met and sales performance is dropping, one typical response is to blame the salespeople. However, the truth is that performance issues

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intelligent sales data to grow sales

Use Intelligent Sales Data to Grow Sales

In today’s world, data is a vital element of any successful sales team—but B2B businesses should be smart about the metrics they track. Keep in mind, the goal of collecting sales data is to grow sales. It’s easy to get carried away collecting too much information, which can overwhelm a sales team. Overloading people with

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Best Practices in B2B Email Marketing

By implementing best practices in B2B email marketing, marketers can establish trust with senior executives and increase email engagement. What Do Senior Executives Look For in B2B Marketing Emails? The main goal of B2B email marketing is to reach senior executives and establish credibility with them—but this is easier said than done. When it comes

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Align sales and marketing for high growth

Align Sales and Marketing for High Growth

In the new B2B sales paradigm, marketing and sales must be numerically aligned to facilitate a high revenue growth rate.  Too often, marketing strategies are implemented without defining the specific revenue goals they aim to achieve. Valuable time, energy, and resources are wasted when marketing is not aligned with sales—in fact, 60% of respondents to

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B2B buyers digital sales 2021

B2B Buyers Expect Seamless Digital Sales in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures, traditional face-to-face sales have come to a temporary halt. B2B buyers and sellers alike are now forced to use digital routes instead.  B2B Buyers and Sellers Prefer the New Digital Reality What was originally a crisis response has now become the new normal, with many

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effective email marketing strategy

Effective Email Marketing Strategy to Reach Senior Executives

With well-researched, highly-relevant, and concise emails, B2B marketers can build an effective email marketing strategy that reaches senior executives. The Senior Executive’s Dilemma  Reaching key executives is a top priority for B2B marketers—and email marketing is the best way to do this. Email engagement increased 78% over the past year, and the ROI of email

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