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Using SIP, this multi-billion dollar client scaled its sales development globally across fourteen markets.


*The name of the client has been kept confidential at their request*

The client was $3 billion, publicly traded company selling Enterprise solutions to over 80% of Fortune 500 companies and public sector agencies.

The company sold fourteen (14) different enterprise solutions through a salesforce of about 100 sales reps supported by over fifty (50) Sales Development Reps (SDRs) that set appointment for them.

Key Challenge

While its experienced sales force was adept at customizing the value prop for each product to fit a particular vertical or business unit, the SDR team, being much younger and less experienced, was struggling to correctly customize its messaging from one market to another.

Finding it hard to engage senior decision makers in large global companies, SDRs were booking meetings with anyone that was willing, frustrating the sales team with the poor quality of the meetings they were being asked to take.

What We Did

SOMAmetrics built fourteen (14) SOMAmetrics Intelligent Prospecting solutions (SIPs) for a given market space and its targeted 2-3 buying personas. These SIPs gave a SDR everything he or she needed to talk intelligently and at the level of a multi-billion dollar organization buying persona.

SOMAmetrics also providing these SDRs with a set of outbound prospecting emails, voicemails, and LinkedIn messaging to help them connect better with prospects.


The client had originally requested support for only five (5) of its vertical markets.

However, as it saw rapid improvement in the performance the SDRs assigned to these five verticals, the company requested nine (9) more SIP for the remaining vertical markets.

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