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Using SIP, this client was able to onboard brand new SDRs and start them booking meetings in their second week of hire.


*The name of the client has been kept confidential at their request*

The client is a $10 million CRM solution provider targeting the Industrial Distributor market.

In the past, they had used an outsourced appointment setting service and were disappointed by the results. They wanted to hire their own in-house Sales Development Reps (SDRs).

However, they have never hired or managed SDRs before and weren’t sure how to go about it.

Key Challenge

As the client has never hired its own SDRs before, they lacked the fundamental infrastructure necessary to successfully onboard new SDRs and manage them effectively.  Specifically, they lacked:

  1. The systems and tools necessary to transfer critical knowledge about the industry and the buying persona to these SDRs quickly—in a matter of days.
  2. The specific SDR level prospecting training and coaching needed
  3. The metrics and Key Performance Indicators necessary to manage this young team on a daily basis, especially the first 2-3 weeks.

What We Did

SOMAmetrics took a A-Z approach to helping the client design and create its Sales Development organization from scratch. Specifically, SOMAmetrics helped the client in the following ways:

1.  Recruiting and Hiring Qualified SDRs

Writing job descriptions, interviewing SDR candidates, helping the client narrow down to the most applicable, designing compensation packages, and hiring the candidates.

2.  Developing the SOMAmetric Intelligent Prospecting (SIP) solution

Researching the distribution industry (specifically, industrial distribution sector); researching the four buying personas the client targeted; developing a targeted value prop for each buying persona; creating a pain bank by buying persona; developing the Call Navigators for each persona; objection handling; SPIN selling questions; and more.

3.  Training

training the new SDRs on the distribution industry, SPIN Selling for prospecting, role plays, objection handling, and more.

4.  Engagement Tools

Providing these SDRs with a set of outbound prospecting emails, voicemails, and LinkedIn messaging to help them connect better with prospects..


The overall result was the rapid onboarding and ramping up of these new SDR hires:

  1. One week: to onboard and train the SDRs
  2. Two weeks: to book their first meetings
  3. Four Weeks: to reach 60% of quota

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