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Using SIP, this client increased its SDR team by over 50% with seven new hires ramped up in 45 days.


*The name of the client has been kept confidential at their request*

The client is a $22 million learning software platform provider targeting a number of vertical markets.

The company’s leadership team defined an aggressive growth plan, requiring a significantly larger sales pipeline than had been required in the past. To support this new growth target, the company also went beyond its traditional market and targeted a number of additional verticals that were new to its marketing, prospecting, and sales teams.

Key Challenge

It soon became clear that its quite young outbound prospecting team did not know much about the new verticals and the new buyer personas, and it fell behind its sales pipeline development target.

To address this shortage, the company increased their SDRs, from eleven to eighteen. However, the company found it difficult to find experienced SDRs, as these were rapidly transitioning into more lucrative selling roles. It was forced to hire junior SDRs, many of whom have never prospected before.

Due to the lack of effectiveness of the very young SDR team, even eighteen SDRs were struggling to develop the sales pipeline needed to support the company’s growth goals.

What We Did

SOMAmetrics helped the company onboard the seven (7) new SDRs and helped train struggling SDRs that were previously hired. Specifically, SOMAmetrics provided the client with the following:

1.  Developed SIP for Each Vertical Market

Developed the SOMAmetrics Intelligent Solution (SIP) for each of the six (6) verticals they targeted—researching each industry and developed the briefs that included the industry overview, trends, challenges, and insights; researched three buying personas for each industry and prepared briefs that described roles, responsibilities, priorities, and key challenges for each buying persona; competitor analysis in each vertical; developing a targeted value prop for each buying persona; creating a pain bank by buying persona; developing the Call Navigators for each industry; objection handling; SPIN selling questions; and more.

2.  Advanced Outbound Prospecting Training

Trained and helped onboard the seven new SDRs on the SIP they will use, in advanced SPIN Selling training for outbound prospecting, objection handling and pain probing in role plays, and more.

3.  SDR-specific Metrics and KPIs

Worked with SDR leadership to develop additional metrics and Key Performance Indicators to rapidly increase the effectiveness of the entire SDR team. 

4.  Engagement Tools

Providing these SDRs with a set of outbound prospecting emails, voicemails, and LinkedIn messaging to help them connect better with prospects..


Sixty days later, the client told us that:

  1. Average number of meeting set by SDRs rose from 4-5 to 6-7, or approximately 50%.
  2. Average deal sizes lifted from around $60,000 to over $72,000, a 20% increase.

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