Sales Analytics & Reporting

Less than 49% of sales reps achieve their quotas and 63% of sales leaders don't know if they will hit their sales targets.

What are Sales Analytics & Reporting

Sales analytics and reporting refers to a set of reports that enable sales and marketing leaders to manage their teams by the numbers. They include trend reports on sale wins, deal cycle time, deal size, MQLs to SQL cycle time, dials to connect, connects to won sales, identifying which factors drive sales more than others, and more.

Why are Sales Analytics & Reporting Critical

Reports and dashboards are the bread-and-butter of any sales or marketing operation. Without these, sales and marketing leaders are guessing how well things are going.Sales and marketing execs should use their experience to determine what kind of data they need to gather, but let the data guide them into making the right decisions. In today’s highly digital world, there is an abundance of data to be found. The role of experience is in knowing what data to pay attention to in order to make the right calls.

Why SOMAmetrics?

Over the past ten years, SOMAmetrics has built its digital campaign skills across a variety of media including email, digital ads, and social media. Our success lies in our methodical approach of identifying the key personas, developing the value proposition, providing high value digital assets, and coordinating messaging across personas and media using our integrated campaign calendar.

Case Studies


Bringing sales practices, metrics & KPIs, and sales training brought immediate increases in sales performance.​


How targeted email and phone campaigns enabled this startup to begin booking 12-15 demos per month within six months and build over $647K in sales pipeline.​

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