High Growth Workshop

A two-day workshop designed to help you fully understand what it takes to grow 100% to 150% over three years.

What is a High Growth Workshop

A High Growth Workshop is an intense, two-day session where top leadership and key members of your company retreat to identify, argue, and come to a consensus on:

  1.  Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)
  2. Untapped opportunities for high growth

  3.  A frank assessment of internal weaknesses and gaps that expose the company to major threats, and internal competencies and differentiators vis-à-vis competitors that have not been fully galvanized in the past

  4.  A decision to transform into a high growth company

  5.  Action items to launch that transformation.

Why a High Growth Workshop is Critical

We typically think of growth in small increments—as in 10%, 15%, or 20%. As a result, how we plan to grow is also incremental.

However, when we think of growing by 100% or 150% in two years we enter a completely different zone. None of our past “tried and true” ways will work here.

We have to be open to new ideas and actions we would never have considered in the past.

Which is why, unless we force ourselves into a retreat for a couple of days, we would never truly explore the fundamentally different approach we will need to take in order to realize high growth goals.

It is all about intellectual honesty and accountability, and the workshop must be led by an impartial outside facilitator.

If you have ever believed that your company is capable of achieving far more than you currently are seeing, then it’s time to engage SOMAmetrics and arrange a two-day High Growth workshop for your company.

Why SOMAmetrics?

Outside agencies tend to have certain advantages over internal resources when it comes to sales diagnosis.  For one thing, they have conducted dozens of these sales diagnoses and have developed a more robust process for uncovering underlying issues and analyzing them. They tend to have clients that come from a wide range of industries and sizes. Furthermore, outside agencies are more likely to be objective and impartial, assume they know nothing until they ask questions and get some answers.

For instance, with over 25 years of experience building and managing inside and field sales organizations, SOMAmetrics has diagnosed and corrected sales challenges at over 60 companies, ranging from startups to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

The SOMAmetrics Sales Diagnosis can typically be completed within one calendar week. It consists of a series of interviews with your leadership team in sales, marketing, and customer support organizations; a review of your sales pipeline; interviews with sales team members; review of your sales processes, systems, KPI’s; your comp plan; and more.

Case Studies

Distribution around the world


How 14 demos were booked in the first 3 weeks of an ABM campaign, with 2 deals closed in the first 60 days.​


Bringing sales practices, metrics & KPIs, and sales training brought immediate increases in sales performance.​

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