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How a tech company went after three different markets in nine months using a planned, targeted approach


*The name of the company has been keep a secret at their request*

The company provides custom graphics for businesses on a subscription basis. Its management team identified three potential markets where it felt it had a significant chance of winning a commanding market share.

Key Challenge

The client was already very good at driving potential customers to its lead magnets and converting some of them. However, as it looked at scaling across three different market segments, it realized it faced a bottleneck—content.

They needed high-quality content—lots of it.

The VP of Marketing reached out to us to help its marketing team with developing well-researched content.

What We Did

We proposed a plan to target a specific segment over a 90 period, add another segment in the next quarter, and add the third segment in the third quarter. After that, we would rotate again quarterly, creating fresh content for each segment.

Over a three-month period, we proposed developing: two long articles such as a white paper, a solution paper, or a maturity paper; twelve to fourteen blogs; three infographics; three checklists; an online survey; two short explainer videos; and fifteen nurture emails.

We first added our research findings to theirs to fully understand the underlying issues for the key targeted personas in each segment. We then developed the library of decision enabling content as outlined above to feed their demand and lead gen engines.

We worked closely with their marketing team in bi-weekly sprints where we prioritized changing priorities as market needs and conditions shifted. They thought we were very flexible in accommodating their changing requests, and we understood that, as a rapidly growing company, they were being agile and responding to changing customer needs on their side as well.


As a result, the company was able to scale both its demand generation and lead generation campaigns. Furthermore, the content we developed was used as an internal training tool for both the sales and support organizations to help them quickly understand the underlying issues in these markets so they can talk to them in a consultative manner.

Over a year or more, we developed a strong partnership, with the marketing team providing the strategic direction, and our team helping in the research, execution, and technical consulting around messaging and content distribution.

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