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How a global publicly traded company used our services to increase the effectiveness of its BDR team by 67%

Increase in prospect connect rate


*The name of the company has been keep a secret at their request*

The client is a publicly traded global company operating in North America, Europe, and APAC, selling to over 100 of the largest manufacturers, transportation and logistics, and energy companies. The company used a multi-tier selling model, including Account Development Representatives (ADRs), who qualified and set appointments with prospects for its Sales reps.

Key Challenge

As the company launched an aggressive growth plan, it segmented its market more finely to gain a deeper understanding of key issues and win customers relatively quickly.

This approach, while sound and highly effective, quickly revealed a bottleneck— its ability to hire, train, and bring online an Account Development Rep (ADR) that understood the underlying issues enough to have a meaningful conversation with an executive in a global company.

When the sales leadership reviewed its best ADRs, it quickly realized that what made them highly effective was that they knew their given market spaces very well, having worked in that space for several years. If these highly effective ADRs were moved to an unfamiliar segment, their effectiveness would drop significantly.

And while it hired its sales executives based on their deep knowledge and understanding of the spaces they will sell in, this was difficult to find in the ADR field.

What We Did

The solution we proposed was to create what we called “Sector Packs” that included highly research based content that ADRs could use to both educate themselves and as prospecting tools. 

A Sector Pack included: a 6-8 page executive brief directed at the prospect an industry brief for the ADR complete with market size, growth rate, basis for competition, cost and revenue drivers, key challenges, and future growth opportunities; key probing questions to ask prospects; and about ten emails they could load into their Outreach sequences for prospecting.

We built the Sector Packs by first speaking with a sector subject matter expert (SME) who guided us through the key issues. We then used this outline to deeply research the sector, which became the Industry Brief for the ADRs. Finally, we created the Executive Brief by using the key issues we found and mapping them with how our client’s technology addressed these key issues, and created the emails and questions to go with these.


With the highly targeted emails and voicemails the ADRs were leaving with prospects, their connect rates increased by 67% within weeks, and appointment setting nearly doubled. The ADR team was also more energized as they felt they could now talk intelligently to high-level executives regarding the issues they faced and how their company can help them.

Increase in prospect connect rate

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