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The Hidden Numbers That Drive B2B Sales Growth in the Digital Age

Competition has changed and intensified. Competition is no longer localized by geographic boundaries, nor by industry. In the Digital Age, competition is global AND across industries.

As Accenture puts it, all industries can be digitized, and therefore, digitally contested. There are no safe “spaces” anymore.

This paper aims to address the challenges that B2B companies face as they try to maintain consistent sales growth while facing major headwinds, and to provide the framework for building operational excellence in Marketing, Prospecting, and Sales in order to consistently win business in the Digital Age. 

The Future of B2B Selling

B2B sales has changed– forever.

The old sales process of breaking down doors and taking control no longer works with digitally savvy buyers who have the tools and motivation to keep out sellers that don’t add value.

The only cost-effective way to consistently win business today is by becoming a high-value add partner; to do that, you have to know your customers intimately and demonstrate that knowledge in a variety of ways.

This paper outlines what has changed in B2B selling, why, and what sellers can do to align themselves with the way B2B Buyers want to buy so they can win these customers and consistently hit their revenue targets.