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How a company implemented its goal of becoming a leading provider to the Medical Device Makers sector of the Healthcare industry.

Scheduled Appointments per month
In Sales Pipeline in 90 days


*The name of the company has been keep a secret at their request*

The client was a highly innovative digital technology services provider that built mobile apps, IoT devices, and other digital capabilities for its clients. At the time it met, it almost entirely generated leads from inbound marketing efforts. It wanted to build an outbound lead generation engine in order to meet its growth objectives.


No Specific Industry Target

As its existing lead generation program consisted solely of inbound, the company had no specific industry target and services all incoming requests. However, in order to execute its outbound strategy, the company executives knew they had to select and focus on a specific industry sector. The question was, which one?


1) Identify Target Industry Sector

The first thing to do was identify an industry sector where the client had the most experience and track record so we could leverage those. We worked with the company to review its past projects and narrow the selection to four (4) candidates.

Next, we conducted research on these four sectors and provided the client with key pros and cons regarding each sector.

Finally, we facilitated the internal discussion to arrive at the most logical single selection.

2) Sector Specific Research

We then conducted a more thorough research on this sector to understand the key drivers in that industry and sector—the top concerns and challenges that senior executives were faced with.

3) Targeted Content Development

From this research, we developed compelling content designed to position the client as a credible top tier provider of digital transformation services for that sector. This content included four white papers, various articles, and landing pages on its website, as well as two new emails each month designed to create awareness of the content being created.
White Papers

12 Well-Researched Articles

Targeted Emails each Month

4) Generating Targeted Demand

We helped the company acquire list of decision makers for targeted companies, including phone numbers and emails and launched the email campaigns, with two brand new emails sent each month.

Finally, we followed upon the email campaigns with outbound phone prospecting to identify key people in the targeted companies and schedule meeting with the client’s sales representatives.


After the second month, we were scheduling appointments with approximately 16 appointments with Sales & Marketing executives, CEO, CTO’s and Senior Product Managers including in some global multi-billion dollar prospective customers.

Within the first 3 months of the call campaigns, we developed approximately $900,000 in sales pipeline

Scheduled Appointments per month
In Sales Pipeline in 90 days

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