Case Studies

Sales Optimization & Consulting

How BHAG approach increased sales by 50% through improved sales operations,management, and targeting.

How we transformed A Global Account Development Team into a high performance sales pipeline development star in four months.

Market Research & Content Development

How a client was able to achieve its goal of becoming a leading provider to the Medical Devices sector through targeted ABM campaigns.

A methodical, research based approach to identifying attractive markets and Developing Go-to-market strategies

How a global publicly traded company used our services to increase the effectiveness of its BDR team by 67%

How a cybersecurity tech company targeted three different verticals with decision enabling content within a six-month period

How a tech company went after three different markets in nine months using a planned, targeted approach

How a Tech company with diversified offerings was able to impact Growth with targeted Content Marketing

High Quality Lead Generation

How a small third-party software vendor became central to the IT strategy of some of the leading Global Financial Service firms.

How targeted email and phone campaigns enabled this startup to begin booking 12-15 demos per month within six months and build over $647K in sales pipeline.

B2B Sales have changed, forever. Find out what changed, why, and what you must do to continue to win in the era of the Digital Buyer.

The dramatic impact of a 4-month targeted campaign on new customer acquisition.

Bringing sales practices, metrics & KPIs, and sales training brought immediate increases in sales performance.

Salesforce & HubSpot Implementation

How we enabled a client to decide if Salesforce was the right tool for them during their trial period.

How a company gained new sales opportunities from improving data intelligence in HubSpot.

Best Practices in Integrating Salesforce with Hubspot for more accurate lead-to-sales management.

How a healthware maker effectively implemented its sales strategy in Salesforce to accelerate sales growth