Align Sales and Marketing for high growth

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By now, factor 1 and factor 2 should have demonstrated the central role of marketing in the new B2B paradigm. Marketing is too important and too expensive to just “have” if it doesn’t impact sales in a measurable way. For Marketing to impact sales in a measurable way, it must be numerically aligned with Sales.

It is no exaggeration to say that a least 75% of all sales should come from leads generated by Marketing.

We cover this topic extensively in The Four Funnels Framework, which shows that all revenues start in Marketing and end in Sales.  However, the planning starts from Sales. Whatever the revenue targets are, the numbers must be worked backwards to determine how many inbound and outbound leads will be required.

In the past, the relationship between Marketing and Sales was akin to two neighbors who know each other, try to accommodate each other, and occasionally complain about the other’s lack of fairness or reasonableness.

Today, however, the relationship between Marketing and Sales is more like one of a  married couple working closely together to raise a family.

Each is equally responsible for achieving the overall revenue goals. Read about Factor 4 – how intelligent data drives revenue growth.