I am the...

Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager

I am the...


My Question Is...

How do I maximize my limited product marketing dollars to drive my product into a leadership position?

The Strategic Solution Is...

Focus time and energy on deeply understanding the personas of the product users, their pains and motivations, how and where they obtain information they need, and identifying the most optimal way to communicate relevant information to them through the channels and media they use.

The Implementation Path Looks Like...

Gathering insight and data on those that use the product by usage (occasional versus heavy), why they are different, determining how to move non-user prospects to try the product.

Studying alternatives and running SWOT analysis on these to identify gaps and position the product favorably.

Determining the sources of information such as analysts, influencers, and others and providing them with what they need to cover the product favorably.

Ensuring marketing program managers are communicating adequately.
Ensuring all parties have the amount of quality information they need to move prospects further and faster through the buyer’s journey.

Key Challenges Are...

Not getting the content you need when you need it—the right mix of high quality, decision-enabling content in the quantity you need, at the time you need it

How to Use Us:

We can work within your product marketing strategy and be a resource for you to research your customers better, develop a multi-persona buyer’s journey, and develop the decision-enabling content you need for each persona, on a weekly basis.

We can help you develop ads, manage and feed your paid and organic SEO and social campaigns, build nurture emails, and provide you with reports and dashboards you need to flawlessly manage your product marketing operation.

We become your team to help you flawlessly execute your product marketing strategy within the budget you have for the same budget as hiring one full time marketing professional.

Let us be your source of fresh, relevant, high-quality content—as much as you need, whenever you need. Let us write your blogs, white papers, case studies, infographics, solution papers, data sheets, and more. No more waiting, no more delays.

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FAQs We Can Help You Answer

  Common issues and challenges we help with:

• How do I gain more insights into the kinds of personas that result in the most sales for my product?

• How do I design the buyer’s journey for each persona I need to market to, and architect the optimal content experience for each?

• How do I get the high quality content I need to feed my demand gen and lead gen campaigns?

• How do I run multiple tests in ads, emails, landing pages, and more to make my demand gen more effective?

• How do I leverage the small budget I have to maximize my marketing capacity and performance?

• How do I identify the right partners for me, and how do I manage them most effectively?



When you are ready to have a quick,
no-strings-attached conversation,
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I am...

The CEO of a B2B Company

My Question is

How can I get more leverage out of the resources we already have so I can grow revenues faster than costs, increase profits and valuation? Where should I invest limited resources so we can see higher returns than we currently do?

The Strategic Solution is

Relentless focus on defining and validating your competitiveness, value proposition, and growth strategy. Invest in your key differentiators only and delegate all non-core functions to trusted partners, using department heads to closely manage relationships.

The Implementation Path Looks Like


Using regular sales assessment efforts to:

• Analyze where sales are coming from, why customers are buying, and why they are lost to help us refine our growth strategy.

• Identify gaps and hurdles in sales and remove these.
• Uncover untapped opportunities that are left on the table that can enhance our growth strategy.

Implementing a Four Quadrants sales growth strategy to increase sales in all four quadrants.

Utilizing a Four Funnel framework to do a Funnel Math and determine the marketing and lead generation effort necessary to hit sales targets from new business.

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FAQS We Can Help You Answer

  Common issues and challenges we help with:

• How can I determine if we have set the right growth rate?
• How can I be certain that we have explored all growth opportunities adequately?
• Is our growth strategy adequate to meet our growth rate?
• Is our value proposition as effective as we think?
• Are we implementing our growth strategy effectively?
• Do we have metrics and KPIs in place to ensure we are consistently hitting our targets?
• Are we gathering the data we need to accurately know this?
• Do we have the reports and dashboards we need to effectively manage our business and our growth?
• Do we have the automations in place to accelerate our growth and ensure our execution is flawless?